Would You Gossip Less If You Had More Of A Life?

Source: Wazala.com

Source: Wazala.com

It is never good to be more interested in someone’s downfall than you are in their success.


Have you ever known anyone that  seems to have just way too much time on their hands or not enough goals and they continuously gossip?  I mean, let’s be real, if gossiping were a sport, they may actually win a trophy. Continue reading

The Double Standard: Women, Men & Sex!

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This particular post came about during several conversations with both men and women.  When I reference “sex” in this post I don’t just mean the physical action, but everything that comes along with it…you know, kissing, touching, talking, dating, friends with benefits, and so on.  Continue reading

30+ With No Baby Or Hubby?


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If you are a woman in your 30’s, with no baby or hubby, there are many pressures that you may be feeling.  For starters, every one of your friends is probably getting married or expecting.  What does this mean for the rest of us who just aren’t there yet?  Continue reading

Can People F*ck Up Your Journey?

First things first,  yes, I cussed in my title…it’s ok.  Now,  I’ve been going back and forth about this topic for a while,  but mostly through random thoughts in my head.

So many of us are on a profound journey that we want the world to take notice of,  but have you ever thought about the world not wanting what’s best for you?

I mean,  let’s be real,  do you honestly believe that all of your friends are happy for you?  I’ll be the one to burst your bubble; they aren’t!  That’s because not everyone is your friend.  Not everyone is in a healthy place where they can be happy for others.  That place can be a breeding ground for envy and jealousy, so we all have to be careful.  We can also have individuals around us that just aren’t good people.  They only care about their journey and their life; in other words,  selfish.

People can genuinely f*ck up your journey!  Friends,  coworkers,  exes, boyfriends,  girlfriends,  family… all opportunities to derail your path.  One bit of advice I can offer,  from experience of course,  when people walk out of your life,  allow them.  You don’t need them.  If you give life to any negativity,  you’ve opened the door to unnecessary drama and distractions.

Here’s what YOU can do in the midst of dealing with others… continue to love,  shine light,  stay focused.  The universe will work everything else out,  trust me.

Birthday Wishes!

Source: booksicals.com

Source: booksicals.com



Here we are again…another year of life celebrated!  It seems like I was just in Miami with my family, bringing in the big 3-0!  Now, I’m the big 3-1 and wondering where the time went.  So many changes came about over the past year, both good and bad, and I must say that it feels good to see how strong of a woman I am becoming.  As life shifts into a new phase, I am embracing it.  I welcome new experiences and adventures.  Thank you to everyone who has shown me love on my special day…here’s to another year of growth, lessons and love.

30 Thursdays!

As some of you may know, I am at a turning point in my life.  I am knocking on the door to the other side of adulthood…yes, I’m turning 30!  UGH!  Some people welcome this idea, some people totally freak out (that’s me) and some don’t even think about it (totally wish this was me).  Every person has their own way of coping with the idea that they will no longer be in their 20’s (OMG I just got nervous).  So, what does this mean for me?  It means that as much as I am freaking out, I can’t stop time.  I can’t avoid turning 30 no matter how hard I close my eyes and make a wish (believe me, I’ve tried).  Having this in the forefront of my brain, I have no other choice than to go out of my 20’s with a bang!  I’ve done the necessary cleaning up in my life…you know, the getting closure on certain situations, saying good-bye to those that no longer deserve a space in my circle, moving on from hurt or just toxic surroundings and above all, nurturing the friendships and relationships with family that I am so grateful for.  I want to enter into this new phase free of the BULLSHIT (yes, I cussed).  That way I can enjoy my celebration!  Stay tuned for my mini journey details (party planning, getting the perfect dress, my freak out moments, etc.).  Thanks for taking this ride with me and feel free to offer words of encouragement and boxes of tissues!

Daniella Sig

Why Are You Even Here?

We all want to be successful.  To some, that means earning money, having nice things to show for their hard work, flashing labels and expensive jewelry.  To others, it means something a bit more priceless…they want the feeling of being fulfilled.  My quest isn’t just about having a successful site or doing celebrity interviews or bringing you new music.  It’s really about inspiring others to live out their life’s purpose.  It’s a waste of life if you aren’t actively trying to find what you were put on this earth for.  I always had this weird thought that if I ever found what I was meant to be on earth for, God would take me back with Him (i.e. I would die lol!).  So, I never rushed the process on trying to figure it out because I wanted to live longer (weird, right?).  Then, like a ton of bricks, it hit me!  There is a REASON why I am here and it’s my job to live each day like it’s my last.

The last couple of months have been filled with a lot of death of young people.  The majority of those that passed were friends of friends or a friend’s family member, but I still took a lesson out of it all.  I don’t think that people just die out of nowhere.  I believe that their death is supposed to be a lesson and it’s a lesson that I think people, far too often, miss.  Life is short.  When I’m long gone, I want to have left a mark so that everyone that I came in contact with has some sort of memory.  That pushes me to be a better person.  Everyday I am thinking about how I can become a better person, a better friend, a better daughter, a better sister.  Everyday, I tell people how I feel.  Whether it’s a moment of brutal honesty or a moment of laughter…it’s genuine.

The moral of the story is…I’m no longer afraid to find my purpose in life because I think a part of my purpose is to be better.  To be the change that I want to see in the world around me…and that kind of mark will last a lifetime!

Blog Even When You Don’t Want To: Become a Blogger Mondays!

Do you think that it’s all just peaches and cream around here?  As if every week I want to write and write and write?  I hate to burst your cyber bubble, but that’s just not the case (lol).  I do have days, maybe even weeks, when I just don’t feel like blogging…there…I admitted it…go call the blogging police and have me arrested!  Sometimes I get angry phone calls from my BFF and friends and it basically goes something like this:

Friend: Dani, WHAT THE HELL is wrong with you?!

Me: What are you talking about?

Friend: Why haven’t you been blogging?  GET IT TOGETHER!

Me: Geez! Fine!  Can I take a week off sometimes?

Friend: Don’t make me cuss you out!

That’s my life!  Getting threats on the regular (lol)!  So, with that said, here is my weekend recap!  Even though I don’t feel like doing it because I’m still recovering and oh-so-tired, I’m “getting it together” for my Become a Blogger Mondays series:

1. I had a GREAT time this weekend!  It started with a retro themed party for my second mom who is 50 and FABULOUS!  It took me forever to get my outfit together, but I finally chose to dress like a back-in-the-day girl with the victory curls, the scarf around the neck, the tapered black pants and a cute sweater.  My hair was the highlight of my night since it took me forever to get it just right.  Here you go!  A peek at the finished product:

2. My Saturday day/night was somewhat crazier!  My homie, Joy, came over to help me pack (yes, I’m moving!) and in between celebration shots (yes, I drink!) we ate and danced and just goofed out all the way!  As I mentioned on Friday, we went to see Kevin Hart perform (he was hella funny) and then we club hopped until about 4am!  It was definitely a night to remember and here we are, about to head out (excuse the mess on the floor, I am moving/packing after all)!

3.  I wish I could say that I did something just as fun on Sunday, but I spent most of the day sleeping and nursing myself back to normalcy (lol)!

What did you do this weekend? Was it fun? Was it crazy?

Monday Confessions…

Normally Monday is blocked out for showing others how to become a blogger, but instead, I am going to do something that some bloggers stray away from…making it personal.  The past month has been craaaaazy!  I’ve seen death, I’ve seen sadness, I’ve seen friendships change, I’ve seen betrayal, I’ve seen families being torn apart, I’ve seen struggle, I’ve seen pain.  There were small sprinkles of fun and laughter, but mostly just a whirlwind of THINGS!  Some of them were my things and some were not my things.  A part of my journey to fulfilling my life’s purpose isn’t just filled with fun and exciting blog posts; there are major lessons and tests that I experience along the way.  When I put everything together, it becomes the sum of a greater whole…each piece of the puzzle playing its own role.  I firmly believe that everything that occurs in this lifetime is a lesson to be learned.  Regardless of the trials that I go through, one consistent lesson that I always come away with is that life is so darn precious.  It is so important to recognize/right your wrongs, to appreciate your blessings and to forgive others even when they don’t forgive you.  I’m not afraid of people seeing my bad days because I am who I am.  I’m in constant growth and change and perfection has never been claimed.  I have done plenty of things that I am not proud of, but one thing is for sure…I can always humble myself enough to recognize/right my wrongs, appreciate my blessings and to ALWAYS forgive (even myself).  Maybe this will be just another post that you read today, but I’m hoping that it will help someone along their journey and to be a reminder that you may be in the midst of your storm, but there will always be sunny days again.