Would You Gossip Less If You Had More Of A Life?

Source: Wazala.com

Source: Wazala.com

It is never good to be more interested in someone’s downfall than you are in their success.


Have you ever known anyone that  seems to have just way too much time on their hands or not enough goals and they continuously gossip?  I mean, let’s be real, if gossiping were a sport, they may actually win a trophy. Continue reading

Life’s Intermission…

It’s been some weeks, but I’m still here.  I pray everyone had an amazing holiday and is starting off 2015 in good spirits.  I took the last few weeks to just be still.  I wanted to enjoy my family and friends.  

2014 was unforgiving in many ways, but so many blessings surfaced in the last couple of months.  I needed to reset and regroup and that meant disconnecting myself for some time. 

At some point, we all need to get back to the basics and realign our thoughts, goals and game plan.  A part of my journey and process has been to get back to the Lord.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea,  but getting closer to perfection and good ideals, morals, lifestyle,  etc. is where my focus has been.

May 2015 be our year for greatness.   Let’s get out there and make things happen.  Oh, and I’m back so get ready for what’s coming on Danithedreamgirl.com. 

Would You Alter Your Dream For Love?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in regards to where I want to be in the next few years. Along the way it has become painfully obvious that no matter how much we plan, God has the ultimate say-so.  So, with that in mind, I can have hopes and dreams and pray that I am moving in the right direction, but I have to be prepared for things to just not go as I may want them to.

If I reflect on the past few years, there are many things that I’ve wanted to accomplish, but for some reason I meet someone special, things get put on hold, and before I realize it, years have passed and I’m left regretting not doing more for myself.  Of course life lessons came out of each experience, so I can’t be too mad at myself, but I do often wish I’d been just a tad selfish.

If I had to answer my own question, I’d say, “no, I would not alter my dream for love” because I’ve altered, paused, forgot, abused and neglected my dreams for love before.  Anyone who truly loves me will join me for the ride and support me along the way.

Can You Afford Your Dream?

Source: omgdenise.deviantart.com

Source: omgdenise.deviantart.com

I say it all the time, but I am no expert.  I simply speak my mind and follow my heart and gut.  No matter how big my dreams have gotten, there’s a very striking sense of reality that sets in every now and then.  I could sit here everyday and write and work so hard that I feel fulfilled, but how does that pay my bills?  MY reality is, I need to work.  I need to survive.  I need to eat.  I can’t do any of that without actually working.  I’ve shed the normal 9-5 and don’t have to sit in an office every day, which is one goal that I’ve been able to achieve.  But achieving goals is simply a domino effect; once you reach one, it’s on to the next one and so forth.  For example, here is my goal list:

-Move out of Philadelphia

-Get my security clearance and a government job

-Get a lavish apartment

-Start writing in some capacity

-Get my blog site to generate revenue

-Get out of my 9-5 life and have free days

-Get my bartending license

-Start bartending

-Move out of DC

-Write for a large publication

As you can see, I named GOALS and not my dream(s).  My big dream is to become such a successful writer that it is my job!  Until then, I still have bills to pay and I still need to have a strong sense of reality that keeps me grounded.  I always have a goal that allows me to earn money because at this point, I don’t have the luxury of not working.  So, I ask all of you…can you afford your dream?

How Successful is DaniTheDreamgirl?!

I have big dreams, but I realize that I need to start small and work my way up!  I’ve been a blogger for over a year now and I touched on everything I had accomplished back in August, for my 1 year anniversary. Going into 2013 is bittersweet because I haven’t accomplished everything that I wanted to, but as I look back on 2012 I have accomplished SO MUCH.  So, what has changed since my anniversary post back in August?

I’ve conducted 7 more celebrity interviews (including Jay-Z’s nephew, Mel Carter and How to Be a Player star, Mari Morrow).

-I became an official blogger for Yahoo Voices!

-My site traffic has DOUBLED!

-I now have a mentor who is a successful blogger in the D.C. area!

-This is probably the BIGGEST announcement of all…I have made the decision to phase out my WordPress.com blog site and build a brand new site that I have 100% control over.  This will take some time, but in 2013 it will officially happen (fingers crossed).

It’s been a busy year for me, but I’m so blessed to have as much success as I do.  I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but I have built a very strong foundation and am looking forward to the new year!  I pray that everyone who is dreaming BIG is seeing success!  For those who are still stuck and don’t know what they want to do in life…that’s OK.  Keep pushing and trying new things and begin to turn even the smallest of dreams into a reality!  Thanks for the support and the love this year; it means the world to me!  2013, here I come!

Daniella Sig