MLK Day: The Reminder Of A Dream Still Unfulfilled


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As another MLK day is upon us, it’s worth setting time aside to reflect on our role in this world.
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Life’s Intermission…

It’s been some weeks, but I’m still here.  I pray everyone had an amazing holiday and is starting off 2015 in good spirits.  I took the last few weeks to just be still.  I wanted to enjoy my family and friends.  

2014 was unforgiving in many ways, but so many blessings surfaced in the last couple of months.  I needed to reset and regroup and that meant disconnecting myself for some time. 

At some point, we all need to get back to the basics and realign our thoughts, goals and game plan.  A part of my journey and process has been to get back to the Lord.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea,  but getting closer to perfection and good ideals, morals, lifestyle,  etc. is where my focus has been.

May 2015 be our year for greatness.   Let’s get out there and make things happen.  Oh, and I’m back so get ready for what’s coming on 

How Did You Spend Your 4th of July?


4th of July is filled with many American traditions like fireworks,  BBQ’s, family,  red, white and blue,  etc.   I personally enjoy relaxing in nice weather,  eating good food and sipping on something tasty.   Unfortunately,  my fun was jam packed into only a few hours because I had to work, but I’m interested in knowing how all of you celebrated your Independence Day!

Share your stories and traditions with the rest of us!

What Was My 2013 Like? Hard As Hell!

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I will say this…the past year was really HARD! I went through some serious changes and adversities to say the least.  The silver lining in all of this is that everything that I’ve faced has made me an even stronger person and I now know that I’m built for battle.  Here’s a breakdown:


I’ve gotten closer to my family and have looked to them to really help me through the tough times.  I realize that when the world has turned its back on you, they are the people who will be around to help pick up the pieces.

Love and Relationships:

I walked away from someone who I thought was the love of my life.  I’ve tried dating, but I have come to the conclusion that I need to make myself whole before I can open my heart up to anyone and it feels good to really get MY life together and focus on what makes THIS girl happy!


Lost my job and am starting over!  I am starting from a clean slate and am actually tackling the things that I’ve been “dreaming” about…exciting stuff.


This one is probably the hardest one to touch upon because simply put, I lost my best friend.  I learned that the people who are closest to you can turn on you.  When you apply heat to anything, you get to see what the foundation consists of and the reality is, anyone who is willing to walk away from me really doesn’t deserve to be in my life.  I refuse to have seasonal friends so all I can say is, keep walking your ass in the other direction because I don’t believe in forcing anyone to ever be in your life.


I learned a lot in 2013, but I am really glad it is over.  The chapters have ended and my new book of life is just beginning!

Happy New Year!

Holidays Can Be Tough for My Dreamers Out There!

It seems like this year has flown by!  The Holidays are creeping up and we’re right back to shopping, traveling and eating good food.  However, what about the folks who aren’t where they want to be in life?  What if the end of 2013 is just a reminder that you haven’t accomplished all of your goals?  Well, speaking from experience, as someone who hasn’t accomplished everything just yet, I know the feeling.  It’s tough to know that you still have so far to go, but that shouldn’t be a discouragement.


This Holiday, realign yourself and make a list of everything you still have to tackle and maybe set at least one or two new goals for yourself.  Sometimes it’s hard to live in the moment and enjoy the holiday cheer, but try your best because most of your strength, support and drive will be rooted in your family and friends.  Don’t let a timeline determine your level of success, instead just keep trucking along and remain as focused as possible.

So, do me a favor…when you go home for Christmas or Thanksgiving or New Years or whatever you celebrate in your culture, help set the dinner table, help mom or dad cook the food, buy some mistletoe, put some holiday music on, do something to get involved and allow yourself to have some fun.  We all have goals in life and one of them should be to enjoy the precious time that we have with family and friends.