Merry Christmas From Danithedreamgirl!

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Source: Google Images

I pray that everyone had a blessed and fulfilling Christmas with friends and loved ones.  May you all be blessed to see many, many more and may you continue to rock out the rest of 2013 like a super star.  Remember, keep dreaming and keep living!

Do You Have the Holiday Blues?

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

I know, I know…there’s a lot of pressure during this time of year.  Some are stressed with buying presents, others are trying to make travel arrangements, some may be preparing their home for out-of-town family/guests.  Then there are those who simply aren’t having the best string of luck.  Aside from the materialistic issues of buying presents (which should never be a source of real stress since it’s the most unimportant part of celebrating the holidays), people are going through some very real sh!t around the world.  Not everyone is excited to ring in the new year or be around a lot of people…hell, some don’t even have anyone to share the holidays with.

Personally, 2013 has been very draining and challenging and I’m not really looking forward to the holiday cheer, but I know that I am blessed to be around my family and REAL friends.  That is the main thing that I am holding onto to help me deal with a rough patch I’m trying to work my way through.

Whatever the case may be, just try to find your own silver lining.  If it’s any consolation, the holidays are almost over!

What Are You Doing to Make the World a Better Place?!

Around the holidays people tend to forget that there are many who don’t have the option to celebrate.  There are so many people who are less fortunate in this world and I often believe that it is our obligation to look out for them when we can.  So, this holiday season, try to give back to at least one person.  It may be $5 to a homeless person on the street or it may be volunteering at your local shelter, but whatever it is MAKE IT COUNT! I don’t just talk about, I am about it as well.  I will be sponsoring 2 children this year for the Holiday Gift Drive at the James G. Blaine Academic Plus school in Philadelphia.  Each child in my friend’s class gets to pick 3 items that they want for Christmas and, those who are gracious enough to give, will buy the items for the child so that they can have a special Christmas!  I don’t live locally so I will be making my contribution financially for this event.  If you are interested and/or need something to give towards this holiday please let me know and I can pass you the information.  If you think it’s just us normal folks who give back, check out a few of the top celebrity philanthropists; this should get you in the spirit!

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has donated more than $41 million through the Oprah Winfrey Foundation which helps women and children gain access to education programs.

Meryl Streep-AES-063724

Meryl Streep has contributed over $2 million to the Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts, which she and her husband established.

Mel Gibson-AES-047287

Mel Gibson, as crazy as some may think he is, has given over $6.85 million to the A.P. Reilly foundation to support the Holy Family Church!

Give what you can to help those less fortunate!

Daniella Sig