State of Emergency

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It would be easy to turn off the television and silence the phones or turn off the social media notifications.  However, that wouldn’t solve anything, now would it?  The rage that some, including myself, are experiencing right now stems far deeper than most can comprehend.  What the United States, said to be one of the greatest countries in the world, is experiencing isn’t new. Continue reading

The Perfect Virginia Secret! My Love for Orlean Market!




Normally, I want my birthdays to be filled with music, partying, drinking, and dancing.  My 33rd birthday celebration was all of this, minus the crowded, stuffy club and a room full of strangers.  After a long and stressful year, I wanted total relaxation and a room full of my best gals.  Continue reading

Rest Peacefully, Prince!

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Source: Google Images

Another legend is gone…another icon, abruptly ripped away from us.  Rumors are flying as far as the cause of death, but this man was such a legend that the cause isn’t really what’s important here.  This generation will never know what it was like to grow up with such major artists like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and now Prince, filling the airwaves.


It seems like we are losing the best of the best at such a rapid pace, with no time left in between to fully grasp reality.  We can all appreciate his work and allow his music to live on for generations to come, but his talent can never be replaced.  At 57 – such a young, ripe age – we lost another great one.  President Obama said it best, “Today, the world lost a creative icon… Few artists have influenced the sound and trajectory of popular music more distinctly.”

Rest in Paradise, Prince…


Female Appreciation: Heeey Ms. Carter!



We haven’t heard much from her since the big Formation ordeal that got the world trending her infamous Superbowl performance.  But she’s back and better than ever!  Beyoncé has done it again…she has dropped another surprise on everyone.  Continue reading

30+ With No Baby Or Hubby?


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If you are a woman in your 30’s, with no baby or hubby, there are many pressures that you may be feeling.  For starters, every one of your friends is probably getting married or expecting.  What does this mean for the rest of us who just aren’t there yet?  Continue reading