Thank You, President Obama

Source: Google Images, President Obama

Source: Google Images, President Obama

This is a note to my President.  It will exclude strong criticism, but will rather be a genuine note of appreciation.  Last night the world witnessed President Obama deliver his farewell speech to the people of this country.  While many of us are saddened that we will be saying good-bye to one of the coolest commanders in American history, we have gained a fellow citizen that we know cares about the well-being of an entire nation.

Thank you for serving as an example of class within a society that doesn’t always have such positive images.  While we fear what lies ahead with a new administration, we will forever hold tight to the privilege of seeing history made for the first time in the United States of America.  Thank you for withstanding adversity with poise and for keeping that golden smile on your face even when there wasn’t much to smile about.

A country that was broken and unequal for many, became a place where love was for all.  You helped create an environment where color wasn’t always the determining factor.  You provided an alternative to hate, just by being you.

Thank you for giving us hopeless romantics a positive image of not just love, but Black love.  You and your family have made the ultimate sacrifice and as a result, this nation will forever be changed.  You brought life and hope to the White House, which is something that we haven’t always had the pleasure of enjoying.

Your footprint is etched in stone and I feel honored to have witnessed a presidency that allows our youth to truly understand that no dream is too big and no dreamer is too small.

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