Jamila Winder: A Dreamer and a Doer!

Source: Facebook – @jamilaforschoolboard

It’s easy to praise our favorite singer, actor, athlete, or musician, but what about our everyday motivators and heroes?  It would be a special world if educators were held in just as high of a regard for the work that they do in shaping the minds of many around the world.  For Norristown, PA residents, they won’t have to hope for a world like this much longer.

Norristown, PA native, Jamila Winder, is no stranger to education.  She has over 15 years of experience in higher education, where she actively assists adult learners in continuing their education, while still managing life’s many responsibilities.  Jamila has dedicated countless hours to  helping adults achieve their dream of using education to create a better future.  With the same desire and passion, she is taking on a similar goal by helping the youth within her very own community.  After many years of going above and beyond for learners across the entire nation, Jamila will be looking for support in being elected to the Norristown Area School District Board of Directors.

When asked how her role would help the youth within her community, this is what Jamila had to say:

As a product of the district, I believe I have perspective on the tools and resources that students need to be successful. It is the appropriate blend of family involvement, community support, good teachers and administrators, and fiscal responsibility. I intend on putting students’ needs first and ensuring that our teachers have the right resources to educate this diverse student population. I also believe that my perspective/experience on college and career readiness will help ensure that this is top of mind.

Source: Facebook – @jamilaforschoolboard

With recent political tensions surfacing around the country, education has been on the forefront of everyone’s mind and there has never been a stronger sense of urgency.  Having people that care in positions of power is essential to the future of our youth and Jamila believes that she is one of those people to help the youth in Norristown, PA.  She lets me know:

Education is in my DNA, beginning with the examples from my childhood throughout my adulthood. For a number of years, I had this goal on my heart and felt it was an opportunity to give back to the district and my community. I was a student representative on the school board more than 20 years ago and it was my first foray into the position. I feel that at this moment in my life, I am ready to take on the challenge.

And what a fulfilling challenge it will be!  Jamila Winder has high hopes for the town that she calls home and will be working tirelessly to ensure that school safety, college and career readiness, cultural competence, and community involvement are the first items she tackles in this new role.  As a graduate of Norristown Area High School, Jamila understands the importance of quality public education.

To learn more about Jamila’s journey and to follow her on the path to being elected to her School Board, be sure to follow the official Facebook page, @jamilaforschoolboard.

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