“Get Out” Shows How Scary Racism Really Is

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If you haven’t seen the new film, Get Out, I’m certain you’ve heard about it by now.  This out-of-the-box thriller surely left audiences with lots to discuss.  Before I continue, I will give a much needed spoiler alert, so if you have not seen the movie…GET OUT (pun intended)! Continue reading


Top Theaters Decide Against Showing Sony Movie, “The Interview”


Everyone was looking forward to the Christmas release of Sony’s new movie, The Interview, featuring Seth Rogen and James Franco.  The movie received criticism for its daring plot that focuses on assassinating North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un. 

There was a recent hack into Sony’s database that allegedly brought attention to email threats they were receiving because of the upcoming controversial release.

Major theaters, such as AMC, Regal, Cinemark and Cineplex have all dropped the movie from their line-up due to the security threats.

Rest in Paradise Robin Williams


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We never know what someone else is going through behind closed doors.  Depression.  Anxiety.  Lonlieness.  Drug addiction.  We assume that because we see them smiling,  that they aren’t walking a dark path.  

Seeing an awesome actor bring various roles to life for years was our privilege.  

I just watched one of Robin Williams’ movies,  The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, and it was awesome.  So,  to hear that he may have taken his own life was a huge shock.  People die everyday.  People commit suicide everyday.  It’s just something about being able to see someone grow and struggle in the public eye and then one day they’re just gone.   May God have mercy on his soul.

Zendaya Casted in Aaliyah Movie


It’s been in the works for some years now, but the wheels are finally set in motion to begin filming an Aaliyah biopic.  There were a few speculations on which young lady would be granted the honor to portray the young, fallen star and the verdict has been set.  Disney star, Zendaya, will be featured in the upcoming film.


The challenge will be great, but I’m sure she will do the role much justice!

Did You Watch VH1’s TLC Movie?

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If you were like me last night, then you tuned in to the much anticipated TLC Movie that aired on VH1.  Let me dive right in!  I LOVED IT! Of course, there were cheesy, sub-par acting moments, but overall it was a success and mainly because of the awesome casting choices.  Surprisingly, Lil’ Mama was the best look-alike in her role as Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes and Keke Palmer as Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas was a close second, with Drew Sidora as Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins coming in third.

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Growing up on the female power group, TLC, I had chills for the majority of the movie while I sang along to classics such as, “What About Your Friends” and “Creep.”  There are no words that can truly describe how influential they were, not only in the Pop industry, but to young girls everywhere.  They educated a whole generation about safe sex and being confident, while sexy.  The toughest part was watching everything that they went through behind the scenes and knowing their reactions to tragedies that stuck them.  After watching an entire movie of actresses portraying one of my favorite female groups, it brought tears to my eyes to see clips of the actual trio at the end.  Kudos to VH1 for shedding light on what I believe is the real depiction of what happened during their rise to fame.  To throw you back, here is the actual What About Your Friends video, as well as the trailer for VH1’s TLC movie.

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Find Out Why Tyler Perry Appreciates Being Able to Open His Kitchen Cabinets!

Source: EgyptSaidSo.com

Source: EgyptSaidSo.com

I read this piece that Tyler Perry recently wrote, which explains a part of his past when he was really in the less fortunate bracket, and it really moved me.  It gave me hope, once again, in that anything is possible.  It’s so important to work towards something great in life and to truly appreciate where you come from and the experiences that God brings you through along the way.  Check out why Tyler Perry is so appreciative and humbled by being able to open a simple thing such as his kitchen cabinet.  He posted on Facebook:


I have lived in this house for almost 7 years and today it hit me.  I mean this blew my mind.
I went to my kitchen cabinet today, got a glass, poured some water in it, and drank it. I realized in that moment that I am no longer afraid to open my kitchen cabinets.
It brought tears to my eyes. Ok, before you think I’m crazy let me tell you why. W…hen I was a little boy I wouldn’t dare take a glass out of the cabinet and drink from it without washing it first. The roaches had crawled all over them and the rats would leave droppings all around them. It was bad. I hated going into our kitchen, especially at night. It was scary. When I turned on the light there was no telling what I would see. Rats bigger than shoes, roaches everywhere. I remember being afraid to open the kitchen drawers because mice would jump out and run, and we really tried to keep it clean.  So you know from a boy to a man I carried some of that fear with me.  So to think that I have been taking glasses out of these cabinets for years, and opening my kitchen drawers without fear is a blessing. Being able to turn the lights on in the kitchen at night and not be ready to run… I’m telling you God is good. Now I know some of y’all are not going to be able to appreciate this. But to all of us who came from it, you know what I’m talking about. And to all of y’all who don’t get it, I thank God you didn’t grow up that way.  And to the ones who may still be there right now, I’m going to tell you what I know to be true. Through faith anything is possible. You can go as high as you want in this life. What God has done for me and so many others, He can do for you.  Only believe. ONLY BELIEVE.
God bless you.

Fast & Furious 6 Spoiler Alert: What Villain Is Introduced At the End?


I was one of many people to see the new installment of Fast & Furious and let’s just say, the ending threw me off.  As you all know, the movies are shown out of sequence, which can cause some confusion.  Just so you know, this post is a SPOILER to help those, like me, that need help connecting the dots.

So, here you go!  Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know what happens at the end of Fast & Furious 6!  This breakdown is courtesy of Ain’t it Cool and is written in their own words:

At the end of FAST & FURIOUS 6, the crew has helped Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) in dispatching of Luke Evans’ Owen Shaw, earning their full pardons, enabling them to return back home, with Dom (Vin Diesel), Brian (Paul Walker) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) all seemingly ready to live the rest of their lives free and happily ever after.

Now this is where the big reveal comes in. As it was structured when I cemented this information, the following sequence was placed immediately after that peaceful ending, but it’s entirely possible that it may be shifted to occur sometime during the end credits, much like the reveal of Letty still being alive was during FAST FIVE. 

We then see a pair of hands on a steering wheel, with Japanese suddenly coming across a police scanner in the car. In addition, looking around the car, we see that the inside of this particular S-Class has been reinforced for some reason. The scanner puts out the call for all units to respond to a high-speed chase taking place between an orange and black Mazda RX-7 and a grey Nissan 350Z, and this suped-up Mercedes floors it, taking off from its parked position. 

This mysterious driver monitors the chase from a parallel road before getting ahead of the pursuit. At this point, he heads down a street on his left at an incredibly high rate of speed. Upon seeing the RX-7 approaching the coming intersection, the driver floors it, timing his entry into the intersection to slam right into the side of the Mazda, sending it rolling over upside-down, as the S-Class appears only minimally damaged.  

This mystery driver then steps out of the vehicle, and it is now that we finally learn who is behind the wheel…

Are you ready for it…?


Statham, playing Owen Shaw’s older brother Ian, walks up to the RX-7 and over towards the driver of the vehicle, which we now see is Han (Sung Kang). 


We now see that we are right smack in the middle of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT.

Statham tosses his brother’s SAS dog tags into the car, next to the trapped and helpless Han, and, as he walks away, he pulls out his cell and makes a call, calling Dom. Very briefly, as Han’s car explodes in the background, much as it did in TOKYO DRIFT, Statham’s Shaw warns Dom that he doesn’t know him, but he’s about to… and, as he walks into the gathering crowd unnoticed, FAST & FURIOUS 6 ends, and we’re right on the doorstep to where FAST & FURIOUS 7 will take off. 


Now, if you’ll remember… Statham was reportedly up for the villainous role of Owen Shaw for this summer’s film before he turned down the offer. Well, that wasn’t entirely true, now was it? Statham simply accepted a smaller part this time around to build to his much bigger and more established inclusion for the seventh film in the series, which now looks to put the FAST & FURIOUS crew back on the run in some respects, as Statham gives chase, seeking revenge for what happens to his younger brother in #6. 

And, as a bonus, TOKYO DRIFT has finally been connected to the rest of the series, answering the question of just how far into the future it took place in relation to the other films. We now know it is between 6 and 7.

“Redeemer” Film Screening in L.A.

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It’s not everyday that I get the chance to show off the success stories of my friends, but this time is TOOOOTALLY DIFFERENT!  I’m honored and delighted to share some AMAZING news with my Dreamworld today.  My long time partner-in-crime is making some big moves in Hollywood and has been bestowed with a very prestigious invitation this year.  CJ McBath starred in the short film, Redeemer, which was directed by Erma Elzy Redeemer was selected in the Hollywood Black Film Festival in 2011 and in 2013, his film has been selected in the 21st Annual PAN African Film and Arts Festival!  This was CJ’s first DVD cover in LA and now the world gets to see it once again!

Please, if you are in the Los Angeles area, go and support!  The film will be screening at Rave Cinemas in L.A. on February 8th at 4:40pm and again on February 12th at 6:30pm!

For those that are not in the L.A. area, check this out:

Reagan Gomez Takes a Stand on Creating Quality Roles for Women of Color!

Source: hiphoppress.com

Source: hiphoppress.com

The great thing about the entertainment world is that it gives us a chance to watch young actors and actresses grow right before our very eyes.  Back when television was filled with quality shows almost every night, the viewers had the luxury of seeing an array of skin color, mixed genders, comedy, drama, etc., but what about now?  What happened to all of those roles?  What happened to all of that diversity?  Reagan Gomez seems to have an idea! Check Out My Interview With Reagan Gomez