Reagan Gomez Takes a Stand on Creating Quality Roles for Women of Color!



The great thing about the entertainment world is that it gives us a chance to watch young actors and actresses grow right before our very eyes.  Back when television was filled with quality shows almost every night, the viewers had the luxury of seeing an array of skin color, mixed genders, comedy, drama, etc., but what about now?  What happened to all of those roles?  What happened to all of that diversity?  Reagan Gomez seems to have an idea!  You’ve seen her as Zaria Preston on the hit show Parent ‘Hood, featured in King Magazine and also starring in Corey Grant’s film, Dysfunctional Friends.  She’s made her mark in Hollywood and now she is taking a stand!  Reagan is the creator of the new web series, Almost Home, where she plays the character of “Lisa”.  The series depicts Lisa and her younger brother DeJuan leaving Chicago after the death of their mother and moving to L.A. where they learn the lessons of life all over again, but fight to live out their dreams in the midst of tragedy.  

This is where you can help!  Reagan has begun a campaign to raise money for her show.  She has funded the first few episodes with her very own money and is striving to continue the production phase.  She’s tired of waiting for a change to come and is creating her own change!  Check out what Reagan Gomez shared with the Dreamworld about why there is such an absence, how to help change that and how to support her movement:

When did you first realize that there weren’t enough quality roles for women of color in Hollywood?

I first realized there weren’t enough quality roles for people of color after the Parent ‘Hood ended. I took some time off, got married and got back to auditioning a few years later. I noticed that the same group of (amazing) girls were always up against each other for the same parts. One would get the part, but that would leave all of these amazing girls without work. Why aren’t we ALL working? Then I started noticing who WAS working. All of the time.  Hollywood doesn’t have a token white, go-to, A-list star. There are many of them. And they’re all different. And there are always newbies coming in. It’s not the same with us. As far as A-list movie stars of color, there are only a handful; that trickles down to TV, etc.

Why do you think there is such a lack of quality roles?

Why do I think there’s a lack of quality roles for people of color (black, Asian, Latino,Arab American)? Because the movie/film business is doing just fine WITHOUT more diversity. So why change? They’re making billions of dollars NOT telling our stories. It’s up to us to change that.

How does your character, Lisa, represent a quality role? What sets her apart?

The thing I like about Lisa is, she flawed. She’s not perfect. She loves her family, and she has a past that she’s not proud of.  The only person that can “save” her, and change her situation, is Lisa. She also loves her brother. She’s all about family. But she has flaws in that department as well. She’s three dimensional. She’s real.

What advice can you offer women of color who are currently trying to make their way through Hollywood? How can they tell the difference between a quality role and a stereotypical role (it would seem pretty hard, especially if you are a new actor who really just needs work)?

As you pay your dues, you may not come across many, lol!  The object of the game, as an actor, is to work. I’d be lying if I said that my whole resume was full of great characters. But these are things that you learn. Play enough terrible characters, you may start to say to yourself, I can create better characters.

How can people/fans show their support?  What are some of the main reasons why they should donate to your campaign?

I think one of the main reasons people should support and donate to my campaign is because the people hold the power. That’s the whole point of these crowd funding sites. The people pay for what they want to see. What they want to hear. Not studios. I’m starting my own movement. If I can succeed and finish this webseries, what’s next? A feature film? I’m putting myself out there to make this show happen. My ultimate goal, as a film maker, is to  tell great stories with great characters. And I’m starting here 😉


To donate to the Almost Home web series, visit:  Check out the following video where Reagan explains her mission!

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