Top Theaters Decide Against Showing Sony Movie, “The Interview”


Everyone was looking forward to the Christmas release of Sony’s new movie, The Interview, featuring Seth Rogen and James Franco.  The movie received criticism for its daring plot that focuses on assassinating North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un. 

There was a recent hack into Sony’s database that allegedly brought attention to email threats they were receiving because of the upcoming controversial release.

Major theaters, such as AMC, Regal, Cinemark and Cineplex have all dropped the movie from their line-up due to the security threats.

The Best Man Holiday…Here’s What I Think!

best man holiday

Straight and to the point…go see it!  It is so refreshing to see a great black film with good actors and a strong storyline.  There were some surprises that I don’t want to give away, but know that all of your emotions will be tugged at.  Also, Morris Chestnut…YAASSSS HONEY!  He did an amazing job and looked as though he was in the best shape of his life (ladies, trust me…you don’t want to miss it)!  His roles are usually static with no real emotion, but he did some of his best work in The Best Man Holiday.

Normally, a sequel doesn’t hold up as well as the first, but in this case it is just as good, if not better.  Please go support the film and also if you’ve already seen it, let us know what you think!

Reagan Gomez Takes a Stand on Creating Quality Roles for Women of Color!



The great thing about the entertainment world is that it gives us a chance to watch young actors and actresses grow right before our very eyes.  Back when television was filled with quality shows almost every night, the viewers had the luxury of seeing an array of skin color, mixed genders, comedy, drama, etc., but what about now?  What happened to all of those roles?  What happened to all of that diversity?  Reagan Gomez seems to have an idea! Check Out My Interview With Reagan Gomez

*Update* Corey Grant: The Lost Coast Tapes

Movie Cover

A while back, I did an interview with up-and-coming movie director, Corey Grant.  He’s still making his way through Hollywood and picking up talent along the way.  He saw much success with the release of Dysfunctional Friends and is enjoying the success of his latest project, Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes.  Check out what Corey says about his current film and how you can show your support!

Just looking at the trailer, we can assume that this movie will be a thriller, suspense, “scary” film, but what is the basic plot/storyline that will make it stand out from other films within the same genre?

It’s about a disgraced television host who was hoaxed by a fictional UFO story on a previous show, and it killed his career.  He stages his comeback when he finds out there is a Bigfoot hunter who supposedly has a body of Bigfoot. He believes it’s a hoax so he figures he can do a show, but this time do it about people who pull hoaxes, then he can bring his career back. So, of course, they travel up to Northern California to find this Bigfoot hunter, but when they get up there…(he can’t reveal too much, you have to see the film!).  This is a POV film and it’s a thriller/horror film.  However, we blended the styles of traditional movies and POV movies and came up with hybrid, then I put my touch on it.. Its a fun movie to watch, but can be very disturbing and entertaining at the same time!

This movie is strikingly different from Dysfunctional Friends, how did you come up with the concept?

My producing partner, Chevez Frazier, and I are good friends, along with two writers, Bryan O’cain and Brian Kelsey.  We wanted to work with them and told them to give us 5 concepts; Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes was one.  It was a no brainer because I’m a fan of the Bigfoot legend!  All over the world, each continent has their own form or name for this creature.   We wanted to switch gears and do something completely different from Dysfunctional Friends and you can’t get any more different than this.  I gave them notes and ideas and they gave us a wonderful script! We raised the money and here we are!

What do you say to the critic who compares “The Lost Coast Tapes” to the “Blair Witch Project”?

All found footage/POV movies are compared to The Blair Witch Project, as it was one of the first to use this style in a fictional movie.  It was a trend-setting movie!  However, other than its POV and in the forest, it’s completely different.. The story is stronger and the camera, acting and effects are on a much bigger scale than what they were doing at the time.  I love Blair Witch [though];truly scary when first saw it.

When is the movie slated for release?

It opens in Los Angeles at the Lamele Theater in Beverly Hills on October 19th.  On the 26th it opens in SanDiego, then moving on to San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Austin…  It’s also available right now on Premium VOD from your local cable or satellite  provider. It will be out on Blu Ray the second week in November.  The movie was released last month in JAPAN, GERMANY, SCANDANAVIA, NETHERLANDS, JAPAN and ALL over the UK and has been a big hit over there… It’s my first worldwide release!

You wasted no time getting right into production for this film so soon after the release of “Dysfunctional Friends”; how do you manage to keep sane with everything that’s going on?

Im driven…I have to make movies to live. I die when I’m not on set or writing a new script or preparing a new movie to shoot…I live for this.  I’m the happiest when I’m on set.

What breakout actors should everyone be paying attention to in “The Lost Coast Tapes”?

Drew Rausch, our lead, gives a great performance as “Sean”.  The ladies will love Rich Mac Donald as well and veteran, Frank Ashmore, gives a great performance as the Bigfoot Hunter “Drybeck”.  I was in awe working with him!  Great acting in this piece!  Ashley Wood, our lone female, is also going to raise some eyebrows.  She’s gonna be big real soon.

As always, how can fans show their support and/or get updates on any current/future projects you’re working on?

Follow me on Twitter @Corey_Grant and hit me on Facebook.  For all the fans of Dysfunctional Friends, I’m gonna be revisiting that world and style with my new romantic comedy, The Next Ex, which will have an all-star cast. If you liked Dysfunctional Friends you will love this.  My company, New Breed Entertainment, is co-producing it with Tri-Destined Studios and producer, ND Brown.  They have a new movie out called, Note To Self, starring my boy, Christian Keyes and directed by Trey Haley.  Great people and a great company to work with.  More quality black films to come!

Lastly, which of your projects is your favorite…and why (putting you on the spot with this one lol)?

LOL…Hard question to answer… I would have to say Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes because nobody expected this type of movie from me, let alone for it to be good. The fact that it is worldwide is major for a filmmaker of color and I want to be known as just a storyteller who isn’t boxed into any one genre..just good movies!


Well, there you have it!  Corey Grant is doing well and seeing so much success!  He is bringing so much attention and positivity to black films; something that is still long overdue. Please be sure to support this young man and check out Dysfunctional Friends and Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes!  Here’s the trailer:

It’s Time for a POPCORN Break!

Wake up, take a shower, pick out my clothes, get dressed (HURRY, HURRY), brush my teeth, run to the car, race to work, check my emails, go get breakfast, scarf breakfast down, sit in meetings, talk with customers, do some work at my desk, eat lunch fast (HURRY!!!)….PAUSE!  This is the moment in my day when I stop and think, “are you going to rush through every moment?”  My life went from being robotic to being non-stop!  I love what I do (writing, that is), but JEESH, sometimes I don’t get to enjoy my whole day because I move through it so quickly.

I feel like my friend, Shipwrecked on Fabulous Island, when she had to close her door just to enjoy an old Snickers bar.  Like, for real, I often think that I need just one extra hour to my night or just one whole day to do NOTHING.  Like today, I usually post an interview, featuring some celebrity or super cool individual, but I honestly just couldn’t.  I was so tired last night that I crashed and what was supposed to be a 30 minute nap, turned into a 3 hour vacation on my couch…that’s how tired I was!  All of this made me realize, I need to sloooooow it down and just chill.

I thought of all the good movies that are out that I haven’t had time to see yet.  So, you know what?!  This Dreamgirl is taking herself on a date to go see a movie!  I have SO many choices, I don’t know which to choose.   Let’s see…hmmm…Batman?  Savage? Bourne Legacy?  Ahhhh, just the thought of being at the movies with over-salted POPCORN (lots of butter of course) and a slurpy makes my insides tingle (by the way, I splurge on the kid’s meal that comes with a small popcorn, fruit snack and an extra dollar for the slurpy…I’m not going broke on this date buying $7.00 popcorn lol).

I spill all of this to you, only to say this…make sure, you are at least trying to enjoy some personal time.  When you work hard, you have to play hard also.  I know that not everyone is having the best week or some may be going through big life happenings, but even in those cases, remember…you only get one life on Earth (unless you’re reincarnated as an Olympic athlete like I will be), so enjoy it and try to be thankful.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

Where is Christian Grey?!

50 Shades Review

By now, you may have been swallowed up by the ’round-the-world craze known as “Christian Grey!”  We’ve never met him, but so many of us women (and maybe men) are fantasizing about him–what he looks like, how hot his body is, him running his fingers through his hair, etc. (all details provided in the books).  For those who have no clue who this man is, the sad truth is, neither do WE!  This is a fictional character in the world renowned, bestselling trilogy that has taken us by storm.  In a series of three books, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, author E.L. James has invited us to become obsessed with the dark and mysterious Christian Grey–along with his lovely lady, Anastasia Steele.

I would hate to give away any major details, but the truth is…YOU SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE BOOKS AND READ THEM BY NOW.  This series is filled with “kinky f*ckery” (that’s the term that is used in the book), love, heartbreak, seduction, violence, control…you get the picture.  I was COMPLETELY engaged and head over heels with Christian Grey–the sexy, successful millionaire with control problems, secrets and a fetish for dominating his submissive lovers.  I read ALL three books in two weeks!  We’re talking about reading instead of watching television, reading before bedtime, reading on lunch breaks, reading when I woke up…I was utterly and completely hooked.  Christian Grey eased his way into his lover’s life–recent college graduate, Anastasia Steele, who was a virgin and inexperienced in a lot of things (not just sex).  From the moment they locked eyes, they found pure electricity flowing through their body and were inseparable.  She is introduced to a world that she would never have thought to explore.  A world that is dark, invigorating, secret and most of all, NEW!  He, of course, comes with much personal baggage from past lovers and child abuse, to the constant need to control every situation…that is until, he met Anastasia!  She changed his world and made him think in a new way…in a way that combined his sexual fantasies and control with her traditional innocence.  A man incapable of even loving, learned to live and love for the first time.

So many readers had mixed emotions about the content of the book, but the majority of my fellow 50 Shades fans were totally taken over!  It was an opportunity to dive into deep fantasy and read about a pure, kinky, passionate, raw love where anything was possible.  Each reader can adopt their own perspective on the main objective of the series…that’s the beauty!  Some will settle for only the risque parts, where as others (like myself) will allow themselves to be taken on a literary journey where there are no limits.  In a nutshell, I was left wanting MORE (wink)!


Here is what I picture when I think of what Mr. Grey might look like (based on the details given in the books of course):

1. What were YOU left thinking?  

2. Did you fall in love with Christian Grey as I did?  

3. Did you love the books or hate the books?  

Let me know  your thoughts by leaving a comment and let’s get this discussion started!

Dysfunctional Friends…A Film You Need to Support!

What if you were rich and larger than life…you died unexpectedly…all of your closest friends came to your funeral…and you left each of them a piece of your estate?  Furthermore, what if the only way your friends could cash in on their piece of the pie was for them to grant you your one last wish?  Want to see how a story like this ends?  You and me both!  This is the plot of Corey Grant’s new independent film, Dysfunctional Friends.

Hailing from Illinois, Corey graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C. receiving his Master’s in Film.  Shortly after graduating he relocated to Hollywood to immerse himself in the hub of the entertainment world.  He has a couple of films under his belt, Hip Hop Task Force and Hip Hop Task Force vol 2, but his new project offers something different.  He explains, “This is the first film where I had an all-star cast, had to worry about overtime and union permits…it was also the first movie I’ve done which was strictly character driven so it was a very unique experience.”  For such a big project, I was more than curious to know how he was able to gather his all-star cast.  He held nothing back in letting me know the magical formula:

The lead producer, Datari, reached out to his friends and they reached out to their friends.  I already knew Tatyana Ali and Wesley Jonathan, Essence Atkins and Christian Keyes from another project I had in development that they were attached to, along with Meagan Good. Plus our Casting Director, Phaedra Harris, reached out and it all came together…

It seems like the perfect story thus far, but his journey to getting this film backed by a major studio was nearly impossible.  Dysfunctional Friends is an independent film, meaning that every ticket sale counts!  The film was released in select theaters in NY and LA, so if you want it to come to your city, you must demand it!  I asked Corey how the DMV can show support to ensure the film gets released right here in D.C.and here’s what he had to say:

Spread the links to the trailer online, blast it on Twitter [and Facebook], demand it and show up the opening weekend. The reason we have self distributed this movie is because all the major studios didn’t want to put the promotional money behind it because they believe our audience is unreliable unless it’s Tyler Perry.  I love and respect what Tyler is doing, but it also hurts us because studios only want to put money behind formulas.  To them, Tyler is the formula.  [Nothing] else has enough value for them to gamble promotional dollars on. That’s our audience’s fault for not supporting other quality films and only we can correct that.  Dysfunctional Friends is a different kind of movie and people are responding to it.  Prove the studios wrong and go see this movie and if you like it, tell a friend.

To come back to D.C. with his new project would add another notch under his belt, being as though his story somewhat began here.  Corey lets me know, “Oh, it’s going to be major coming back to the DMV. My time at Howard was what inspired me to write the script.”  His Director of Photography, Richard Vialet, has the honor of being a Howard alum as well.  He adds, “This is where we both started so you can imagine how excited we are!”

If you’re an aspiring writer or simply want to break into the film industry, Corey offers some advice:

You have to learn the craft.  If you don’t respect the craft you won’t be able to make quality products.  Also if you are trying  to get in it for the money, DON’T.  It takes a while to start making money and it’s a hard business filled with ups and downs. You have to love it to stick it out.  Be persistent and don’t give up.  Also, at some point you have to make that trip to Los Angeles. This is where the industry is and there is no way around it if you want this as a career and not a hobby.  Believe in yourself when no one else does.  I’m proof that it can happen because nobody let me in the game.  I had to make the industry take notice of me and then the doors opened.  Confidence, Persistence, Patience, Integrity, and Talent is what it takes.  If you have that you can’t lose.

As if he hasn’t given great insight to his world already, he ends our interview on an amazing note.  When asked what he thinks his God-given purpose in life is he said, “To touch people and spread love.  I love people and positive energy and I feel that if I exude that in my work and life, I have fulfilled my purpose.”  Despite the doors that may have closed on him, another big one certainly opened up.  Dysfunctional Friends seems like it will not only be the next big independent film to keep your eye on, but it just might give any Tyler Perry film a run for its money. Support, support support!

*Check out the movie trailer here:

*Full Cast: Stacey Dash, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Wesley Jonathan, Persia White, Jason Weaver, Stacy Keibler, Terrell Owens, Datari Turner, Hosea Chanchez, Christian Keyes, Tatyana Ali, Vanessa Simmons, Essence Atkins, Keith Robinson, Meagan Good