One Day I Woke Up & Was Bored w/ Life!!!

Every day…I would do the same thing.  Wake up, get dressed, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed…theeeen do it allll over again!  Underneath the smile, I felt like a robot.  Then one day I actually started to look like a robot…I just looked mean and bored and just UGH!  That’s when I started thinking to myself, “THIS CAN’T BE LIFE!!!”  Is my purpose to really live out the same routine every day?  Am I going to head into my 30’s thinking that I should have done more in my 20’s???

Then I started to look around at my closest friends/family.  I have a Dad who turned his life around…became goal oriented, got his Bachelor’s AND Master’s in less than 6 years!  REALLY?!?!  I have a best friend who started her own company (Embellished Affairs)…another close friend who is making it BIG in L.A. (yup, you C!)…a brother who is ALSO making it big in L.A. (love you E!)…like really?!?!  I’m surrounded by people who are DOING THE DAMN THING!!!  That’s when I knew!  I’m not supposed to be a robot! I want to feel what all of these people feel!  I want to smile “just because”…basically, I wanted to get a life and do something fun…something that would make a difference and make me feel proud (and also not waste my dad’s spent money on my expensive English degree)!

It’s never good to get complacent…never good to just BE comfortable with the bare minimum.  I’m in the beginning stages of my “new life”, but boooy oh boy…I am loving this feeling!  I am learning to stay grounded with God and become motivated by my FOUNDATION of family and friends.  PEOPLE, don’t be bored…get out there and LIVE LIVE LIVE!!!

THOUGHT: In order to live, you have to die first! Get rid of the “old” you and move forward into your purpose!  Look at me…I just started doing something I love…which is WRITE and talk a whole lot!!!  And if no one else loves it, I DO and that is what fulfills me!!!


  1. Dani,
    This is the first time I have read this story. I have some people that will benefit greatly from reading it. I hop eyou do not mind me sharing. Of course I would preface it with, “This is my Awesome Cousin”

    By the way, I felt like a robot this morning and your story has motiviated me to be just a little bit better than that today. Thanks, Cuz!!!!


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