Psychotic [Love] Roams Wild…

It runs through us, it captures us and it DRAINS us!  Yet, we still want it!  They say real love shouldn’t be hard…well that’s not always true.  Love is love…whether it’s good for you or not is up to you to decide.  One thing love shouldn’t do is take over your life…it should be equal and built on a foundation of respect.  To even get to this point in my life where I was ready to just BE HAPPY and find a passion to focus on, I had to walk towards the door, leave my luggage behind and not look back!  My love has been psychotically DEEP!  I gave so much of me to so many people that I didn’t even recognize myself when I looked in the mirror.  Sometimes it takes someone stomping on your heart and pushing you to the edge in order for you to wake up and REALIZE that you must love YOU before anyone else.

THOUGHT: If you let love roam wild, eventually you will lose yourself!

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