Either Love Me or Leave Me Alone…Right?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “either love me or leave me alone” and it’s always been my motto.  As I’ve gotten older, I have adopted a new phrase…“you either love me or you hate me, there’s no in between!”  I’ve come to realize that I’m not the easiest person to get along with and I own up to that, but I will be the most loyal, loving and giving person that you may come to know.  So…you gotta take the good with the bad and you can’t be wishy washy with my friendship/love because I will give it my all.  But even with all of the things I may bring to the table, it took a while for me to understand that I need my “circle” and cannot go through this journey alone. 

When you are outspoken, have a dominant personality and are a bit over confident, it’s easy to begin thinking that you don’t need others around you…well, that’s a complete fantasy.  There are moments when you achieve greatness and hurdle over a milestone and there is nothing greater than to have a strong support system that can share in your success!

It’s important to keep GOOD people in your life and let the “I don’t need anybody” mentality fade into the background.  Trust me, they can motivate you and inspire you in ways that you may not expect...I’ve learned this first-hand!

:  God brings people into your life for a reason…take the time to figure out what that reason is.  There’s a lesson in everything!


    • I totally agree Marcus! There was a reason for our Mason “exchange of words” lol…everything happens for a reason. It’s great to see you and others from school (including myself) begin to make a better life for ourselves and get right with God…we all have our different paths in life, but we can serve as a great support system along the way. Thanks for taking the time to read my words…they are strictly my opinion, but it’s nice to know that someone can relate to my experiences. 🙂

  1. “There are exceptional people out there who are capable of starting epidemics. All you have to do is find them.” -Malcom Goodwell

    Once you incorporate exceptional people into your inner circle you will find that life will become immensely better.

    Good post.

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