Where is Christian Grey?!

50 Shades Review

By now, you may have been swallowed up by the ’round-the-world craze known as “Christian Grey!”  We’ve never met him, but so many of us women (and maybe men) are fantasizing about him–what he looks like, how hot his body is, him running his fingers through his hair, etc. (all details provided in the books).  For those who have no clue who this man is, the sad truth is, neither do WE!  This is a fictional character in the world renowned, bestselling trilogy that has taken us by storm.  In a series of three books, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, author E.L. James has invited us to become obsessed with the dark and mysterious Christian Grey–along with his lovely lady, Anastasia Steele.

I would hate to give away any major details, but the truth is…YOU SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE BOOKS AND READ THEM BY NOW.  This series is filled with “kinky f*ckery” (that’s the term that is used in the book), love, heartbreak, seduction, violence, control…you get the picture.  I was COMPLETELY engaged and head over heels with Christian Grey–the sexy, successful millionaire with control problems, secrets and a fetish for dominating his submissive lovers.  I read ALL three books in two weeks!  We’re talking about reading instead of watching television, reading before bedtime, reading on lunch breaks, reading when I woke up…I was utterly and completely hooked.  Christian Grey eased his way into his lover’s life–recent college graduate, Anastasia Steele, who was a virgin and inexperienced in a lot of things (not just sex).  From the moment they locked eyes, they found pure electricity flowing through their body and were inseparable.  She is introduced to a world that she would never have thought to explore.  A world that is dark, invigorating, secret and most of all, NEW!  He, of course, comes with much personal baggage from past lovers and child abuse, to the constant need to control every situation…that is until, he met Anastasia!  She changed his world and made him think in a new way…in a way that combined his sexual fantasies and control with her traditional innocence.  A man incapable of even loving, learned to live and love for the first time.

So many readers had mixed emotions about the content of the book, but the majority of my fellow 50 Shades fans were totally taken over!  It was an opportunity to dive into deep fantasy and read about a pure, kinky, passionate, raw love where anything was possible.  Each reader can adopt their own perspective on the main objective of the series…that’s the beauty!  Some will settle for only the risque parts, where as others (like myself) will allow themselves to be taken on a literary journey where there are no limits.  In a nutshell, I was left wanting MORE (wink)!


Here is what I picture when I think of what Mr. Grey might look like (based on the details given in the books of course):

1. What were YOU left thinking?  

2. Did you fall in love with Christian Grey as I did?  

3. Did you love the books or hate the books?  

Let me know  your thoughts by leaving a comment and let’s get this discussion started!

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  1. I loved the books and was left wanting another one. I read all 3 books in less than a week. I have a 4 yr old & any spare moment I could muster was used to read. I would even get up in the middle of the night & read.
    I felt so much for both characters. It was like watching a movie. When they were happy I was happy & giggling. When they were in pain, hurting, I was crying & angry. I found myself mad at Ana at end of book one for hurting Christian, but angry @ Christian for doing it, then angey again @ Ana for making him(asking) him to do it & getting so angry because it wasnt what she expected. From the beginning you knew Christian was drawn, but fell in love with Anastatia by his actions alone & her him. It was a great love story and with the ending I can imagine so much more!!! I love Christian Grey!!!!

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