So, Are You Racist or Naw?

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If there’s one thing many of us may be able to agree on, it’s that there is a certain tension in the air.  Let’s face it, our glorious president (stated with much sarcasm) has managed to take his tiny hands, reach right into the backs of sleeping racists, and wind them up for activation.  The crazy part of this is that many of these wound-up zombies don’t even realize that hate lives within them. Continue reading


“Get Out” Shows How Scary Racism Really Is

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If you haven’t seen the new film, Get Out, I’m certain you’ve heard about it by now.  This out-of-the-box thriller surely left audiences with lots to discuss.  Before I continue, I will give a much needed spoiler alert, so if you have not seen the movie…GET OUT (pun intended)! Continue reading

When Will Our Lives Matter?


History has been known to repeat itself and sometimes in the most unexpected ways.  Racial inequalities were once the driving force of politics, crime and media.  Our parents, grandparents, elders, civil rights activists all lived in a world that they had to fight their way through with skin made of steel.  Those whom came before the younger generations fought with the hope that the future would be a much better place to live.  However,  present day must seem like déjà vu to many.  Continue reading