When Will Our Lives Matter?


History has been known to repeat itself and sometimes in the most unexpected ways.  Racial inequalities were once the driving force of politics, crime and media.  Our parents, grandparents, elders, civil rights activists all lived in a world that they had to fight their way through with skin made of steel.  Those whom came before the younger generations fought with the hope that the future would be a much better place to live.  However,  present day must seem like déjà vu to many. 

The streets are filled with violent protests.  Chanting can be heard, tears are being wiped away, parents are grieving the loss of their children.  Not much seems to have changed and the enemy seems to have remained strong in their stance.

When will it be a crime to take the life of another? When will accountability be taken by those hired to protect us? Videos are being blasted of young men losing their lives and yet, the world continues to turn toward the next big story.  It has become more apparent in recent years that racism is not only alive, but it’s heartbeat is stronger than ever.  Walking down the street at the wrong time, driving just a little too fast, giving the wrong look to the wrong person, can mean the end of your life and nothing is being done.

Those that we call to help us when there’s danger are now serving the demise of an entire race.  What’s even scarier?  They’re getting away with it.


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