Rihanna’s BBHMM Video Premiers on Vevo

Source: Google Images/W Magazine

Source: Google Images/W Magazine


5 Injured During Shooting at Chris Brown Performance


Source: Billboard.com


In the early hours of Sunday, shots rang out during Chris Brown’s “Loyal” performance at a San Jose, CA nightclub.   Video footage of the shooting shows Brown stating, “them ni**as gettin’ it in” and seconds later, mayhem ensued.

The victims were rushed to a hospital and are expected to survive.  Suspects were detained, however no official charges have been filed yet.  Video can be seen below:


[Video] Allen Iverson Retirement Speech


If you missed the bittersweet speech from Allen “The Answer” Iverson last week, make sure you take a moment to check it out below.  I’m not just a huge Iverson fan because I’m from Philly.  He electrified my city in a way that hasn’t been matched since.  I had such high hopes for him and his career and I would have bet money that the 76ers would have seen a championship during the A.I. era, but that didn’t happen.  Being as though Iverson has adopted Philly as his own city, it was only right that the Sixers retired his jersey where he will dwell forever.  Although I felt like he had so much more to bring to the game, I have to say “thank you” to my favorite basketball player…you brought Philly back to life and WE do love you!


*Video* Rihanna “What Now”


Rihanna certainly stretches the boundaries in her latest video, What Now.  As she grows musically and artistically, her work is becoming more abstract, which I think is actually nice to see.  It’s certainly a fresh of breath air and a break from one dimensional videos that are making the cut these days.  Kudos to Rihanna!  Check out the video and enjoy!

Pebbles Breaks Her Silence In An Exclusive Interview With Wendy Williams!

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

While I share dreams and journeys of people who are working hard on their passions, there is also an adverse side that can often times be ugly.  The entertainment industry is full of scandal, lies and simply hard roads and this is a reality that anyone wishing to become apart of it, must realize.

Since TLC aired their “true story” on VH1, a storm has come about and the world was able to witness the ugly side of the business.  While viewers and TLC fans have been slamming Pebbles with hateful slurs and accusations, she is fighting back to protect her image.  Of course, there are two sides to every story and Pebbles will be sharing her side in an upcoming book.  She sat down for an exclusive interview with Wendy Williams to set the record straight.  Check it out and let us know your thoughts:

*Video* Thursday Inspiration…Some Lessons Are Tough

Normally, I post the warm and fuzzy inspirational stuff, but life is not always like that.  So, this week I want to share a different lesson…if you are focused on the WRONG things in life, reality will come to bite you in the ass.  Check it out:

Beyonce and Andre 3000 Cover “Back to Black”…Hate It Or Love It?

The Great Gatsby

Some people are chattering about Beyonce and Andre 3000 covering Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” for the much anticipated “Gatsby” film. Surprisingly, I like the song and I especially like Beyonce’s part.  Check the song out (try to ignore the radio promo in the background) and the official trailer for “The Great Gatsby”.