Keke Palmer Makes History As Youngest Talk Show Host!

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Earlier this week it was announced that young actress, Keke Palmer, is entering into a new niche within the entertainment industry.  Come July, Keke will be the youngest talk show host!  BET will be launching The Keke Palmer Project, which is going to be geared towards young adults, addressing real issues.  The inspiration for having her own talk show stems from the encouragement of her fans after Keke began posting inspirational quotes on her Twitter page.


She explains:

I come from a very small, poor town just outside of the Chicago area and I know what it’s like to dream and accomplish some of your goals, but I would never want to do a show where I am preaching to anyone because I do not like being preached at…


I love sharing news like this, as it can really inspire others to dream big.  I especially like to highlight when black women are doing big things because not enough praise is given in the media.  Congrats, Keke and continue to be a positive role model for not only young people, but also for men and women of all ages!

Pebbles Breaks Her Silence In An Exclusive Interview With Wendy Williams!

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

While I share dreams and journeys of people who are working hard on their passions, there is also an adverse side that can often times be ugly.  The entertainment industry is full of scandal, lies and simply hard roads and this is a reality that anyone wishing to become apart of it, must realize.

Since TLC aired their “true story” on VH1, a storm has come about and the world was able to witness the ugly side of the business.  While viewers and TLC fans have been slamming Pebbles with hateful slurs and accusations, she is fighting back to protect her image.  Of course, there are two sides to every story and Pebbles will be sharing her side in an upcoming book.  She sat down for an exclusive interview with Wendy Williams to set the record straight.  Check it out and let us know your thoughts: