Chris Brown Apologizes to Fans After Judge Denies Request to Tour


Chris Brown is known as the new R&B/Pop bad boy of our time.  He’s been in the news for issues surrounding his temper and is currently serving his 1000 hours of community service,  of which he still has 100 hours outstanding, for his abuse towards Rihanna and his recent fight with a fan in DC.

In order for Chris Brown to travel,  he must gain the judge’s approval and consent.   He was slated to go on the road for his Between the Sheets Tour which features Trey Songz and rapper Tyga.  However,  the judge denied Brown’s request and he will not be able to tour until he completes the remaining community service hours.

Chris released the following apology to his fans via Instagram last night:


When all is said and done, this is unfortunate,  but he’s lucky that community service is all he has to serve given the severity of his convictions.

*Image Sources: Instagram

5 Injured During Shooting at Chris Brown Performance




In the early hours of Sunday, shots rang out during Chris Brown’s “Loyal” performance at a San Jose, CA nightclub.   Video footage of the shooting shows Brown stating, “them ni**as gettin’ it in” and seconds later, mayhem ensued.

The victims were rushed to a hospital and are expected to survive.  Suspects were detained, however no official charges have been filed yet.  Video can be seen below:


*Music* Chris Brown Drops a Brand New Track “I Can’t Win”

Chris Brown dropped “I Can’t Win” tonight and I will say this…IT’S FIRE!  Rumors are circulating about he and Rihanna no longer being an item and if you listen to the lyrics, he’s definitely sending a direct message to someone.  Check out, “I Can’t Win”:

*Video* Chris Brown “Fine China”

Breezy’s latest hit screams Michael Jackson!  The song is pretty catchy and the video is full of theatrics and it may or may not have a Karrueche look alike, but let’s see what you all think.  Check out “Fine China” and drop some feedback!

Rihanna Dishes on Her Rekindled Love…Can This Hurt Her Brand?



In the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine, where Rihanna graces the cover, she speaks openly about her rekindled love with singer, Chris Brown.  Sure, everyone talks about it and some even support their decision to find love in a hopeless place (get it?), but dare I ask the question: Would you go back to an abuser?  It may sound harsh or you may not even care, but I’m really curious.  Would you willingly go back to someone who beat you to a pulp?  Furthermore, would you risk your brand, your endorsement deals, you image, etc. all in the name of love?  Does love really conquer all?  Check out what she had to say in her interview: Click Here for Interview