[Video] Allen Iverson Retirement Speech


If you missed the bittersweet speech from Allen “The Answer” Iverson last week, make sure you take a moment to check it out below.  I’m not just a huge Iverson fan because I’m from Philly.  He electrified my city in a way that hasn’t been matched since.  I had such high hopes for him and his career and I would have bet money that the 76ers would have seen a championship during the A.I. era, but that didn’t happen.  Being as though Iverson has adopted Philly as his own city, it was only right that the Sixers retired his jersey where he will dwell forever.  Although I felt like he had so much more to bring to the game, I have to say “thank you” to my favorite basketball player…you brought Philly back to life and WE do love you!


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