When Did We Stop Caring About The Well-Being of Celebrities?

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It’s a sad day when anyone has reached the point of complete mental and physical exhaustion, but it seems like it would be much worse to have to go through it in the public eye.  Since Kanye West’s recent meltdown, the world seems to be split in its reaction.  Some actually care, while others have made it clear that they don’t.  This brings up an interesting question: When did we stop caring about the well-being of celebrities?  Continue reading

Why Insecure and Atlanta Should Be On Your Must-Watch List!

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With the madness of today’s world serving as the backdrop for a typical day, our natural ability to feel enjoyment sometimes seems lost.  Clinging to just about anything that takes our minds off of the craziness, these two shows could possibly save our sanity. Continue reading

Do You Really Care if Kaepernick Sits or Stands?

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With an emotionally charged election year upon us, many issues have been brought to the forefront and some are demanding change.  Issues such as racial tension, police brutality, and inequalities within the judicial system don’t affect everyone, but for many, it’s an all too familiar script that’s being read generation after generation.   Continue reading

MAC Attack: From My Lips To Yours!

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Greetings, fellow MAC Attackers!

The last feature in this series shared my tips on how to reach a lip-gasm and trust me, I’m no expert.  I’m just like the rest of YOU who are everyday gals like ME, but have somehow found their way into the make-up aisles around the world. Continue reading

MAC Attack: Have You Had Your Lip-Gasm Today?

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There are many types of “gasms” out there, but which one have you had lately?  Was it a shoe-gasm?  A food-gasm?  Dare I say it?  An Orrrrgasm (hopefully, yes!)  Well, I just want to be sure that you’ve had a LIP-GASM and if you haven’t, I’m willing to help you reach one. Continue reading

How Social Media Replaced The Woman’s Intuition!

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I know he’s cheating…I can just feel it!  This used to be how women expressed their reasoning when they thought their significant other was being unfaithful.  It was a feeling, intuition, something that could be FELT in the pit of their stomachs.  Nowadays…chile please!  Social media IS a woman’s intuition.  Continue reading

Peace to Necole Bitchie!

When people ask me why I started blogging,  how I got into it,  which bloggers inspire me,  I always had one person in mind.  Necole Bitchie has been my only inspiration.  I was an English major in college,  loved writing, but never knew what blogging was.  One day I decided to started my own site and learned by trial and error.  Continue reading

My Writer’s Block Formed The “No Bullsh!t Zone”



Please don’t take my distance from the the cyber world as a sign of neglect for my blog site.  But, you know when you walk into your house or apartment and it just doesn’t feel like home? Like it’s missing something?  Maybe you have to go to Ikea and grab the perfect couch or the perfect coffee table.  Maybe you need to put up some family pictures or pieces of art.  Whatever IT is that’s missing, you may feel something in the pit of your stomach that reveals itself and doesn’t go away until you’ve found the missing puzzle piece.


Well, that’s kind of what I feel like right now.  I love blogging and have developed a safe haven where I can freely express myself, on my own terms.  However, lately I’ve felt like something has been missing from my “home” and it has kept me from actually writing a blog post for almost a month.  I’ve gone weeks without putting my thoughts on screen and it’s all because I don’t want to write bullshit.


So much has been happening around the world.  We have a fraternity that was caught on tape, singing about hanging niggers from a tree.  President Obama made history by celebrating the 50th anniversary of the march in Selma.  Stars are coming “out” on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Black actors and actresses are finally getting leading roles on prime-time television.  Some big things are happening and I still don’t have anything to write about.  Why? Because the rest of the world is writing about the same damn thing.  I love talking about pop culture and to tell you the truth, it brings in many readers.  But, I want something much greater than the next Necolebitchie.com.  I want to really make a difference.  I want to become the best writer that I can be and not for all of you, but for me.


I’m in the midst of a season of change and I’m embracing it.  I have shared all of my ups and downs, my epiphanies, my ideas, my everything on Danithedreamgirl.com and I will continue to do so.  No matter what comes of my site, just know that I don’t want to just feed all of YOU the same old crap that you see on every other blog site.  I want my ish to mean something.  Ahhhhh, now that I’ve gotten all of that off of my chest, I can breathe again.