MAC Attack: From My Lips To Yours!

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images


Greetings, fellow MAC Attackers!

The last feature in this series shared my tips on how to reach a lip-gasm and trust me, I’m no expert.  I’m just like the rest of YOU who are everyday gals like ME, but have somehow found their way into the make-up aisles around the world.   WE have no business doing our own make-up, color scheming with our outfits, applying eyeliner…right?  NOPE!  I’ve always felt pretty, but having that extra umph never hurt nobody!


So, this week, I’ll be letting you in on my color secrets!  Yes, you will get a lip-gasm with these colors, but if you’re breaking into your new make-up loving self, maybe I can help you with some starter colors.  Remember when I said, it’s a good idea to start with colors that you know you’ll love then build slowly?  Well, I hope you have all taken my advice and added a color or two (or three) to your collection!  I did!  I got 2 new colors this past week (even though I’ve promised myself to not shop until after the holidays) and 1 a few weeks ago.  The reason why?  Well, MAC runs out of the favorites and you shouldn’t be surprised when the color YOU want is SOLD OUT!  When you see a color you’ve been waiting for, you have to grab it…it may be a while before you can snatch it up.


OK, I’ll get to it…enough secrets.  I purchased SIN, ALL FIRED UP and INSTIGATOR.  Sin is for every occasion, it’s dark red/burgundy and requires a lip-liner to give that crisp and clean look (I applied my Vino lip-liner).  INSTIGATOR is just what it sounds like…a dark purple that makes a statement; I haven’t broken it in yet, but I can’t wait.  All Fired Up, now this color…this color right here…my go-to, pop of color, offset my new honey blonde hair, back up off me, I’m feelin’ myself, MAC goddess color is every-THANG (I apply my Beet lip-liner with this color)!  Enough of my descriptions, just see what I mean and I promise to have a peek of Instigator next week.



All Fired Up Lips w Logo

All Fired Up

Happy lipstick shopping and be sure to check back for my next post about BLUSH-ing it up!  Remember, this is advice for the everyday gal that’s new to exploring make-up.  To all of the pros out there, share your tips with the rest of us!

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