How Social Media Replaced The Woman’s Intuition!

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I know he’s cheating…I can just feel it!  This used to be how women expressed their reasoning when they thought their significant other was being unfaithful.  It was a feeling, intuition, something that could be FELT in the pit of their stomachs.  Nowadays…chile please!  Social media IS a woman’s intuition.  Continue reading

Peace to Necole Bitchie!

When people ask me why I started blogging,  how I got into it,  which bloggers inspire me,  I always had one person in mind.  Necole Bitchie has been my only inspiration.  I was an English major in college,  loved writing, but never knew what blogging was.  One day I decided to started my own site and learned by trial and error.  Continue reading

My Writer’s Block Formed The “No Bullsh!t Zone”



Please don’t take my distance from the the cyber world as a sign of neglect for my blog site.  But, you know when you walk into your house or apartment and it just doesn’t feel like home? Like it’s missing something?  Maybe you have to go to Ikea and grab the perfect couch or the perfect coffee table.  Maybe you need to put up some family pictures or pieces of art.  Whatever IT is that’s missing, you may feel something in the pit of your stomach that reveals itself and doesn’t go away until you’ve found the missing puzzle piece.


Well, that’s kind of what I feel like right now.  I love blogging and have developed a safe haven where I can freely express myself, on my own terms.  However, lately I’ve felt like something has been missing from my “home” and it has kept me from actually writing a blog post for almost a month.  I’ve gone weeks without putting my thoughts on screen and it’s all because I don’t want to write bullshit.


So much has been happening around the world.  We have a fraternity that was caught on tape, singing about hanging niggers from a tree.  President Obama made history by celebrating the 50th anniversary of the march in Selma.  Stars are coming “out” on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Black actors and actresses are finally getting leading roles on prime-time television.  Some big things are happening and I still don’t have anything to write about.  Why? Because the rest of the world is writing about the same damn thing.  I love talking about pop culture and to tell you the truth, it brings in many readers.  But, I want something much greater than the next  I want to really make a difference.  I want to become the best writer that I can be and not for all of you, but for me.


I’m in the midst of a season of change and I’m embracing it.  I have shared all of my ups and downs, my epiphanies, my ideas, my everything on and I will continue to do so.  No matter what comes of my site, just know that I don’t want to just feed all of YOU the same old crap that you see on every other blog site.  I want my ish to mean something.  Ahhhhh, now that I’ve gotten all of that off of my chest, I can breathe again.



Why Don’t I Blog About Gossip More Often?


I could easily find stories that appeal to the average reader and highlight the juicy stuff like Dwayne Wade being a father to a newborn while he just got engaged to Gabriel Union.  I could focus on Chris Brown’s visit to rehab after finding himself in legal trouble once again.  I could even document the day-to-day antics of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  It’s hard not to fall into the trap of blogging about gossip that would bring me thousands of site visits every day; it’s REALLY hard.  But, when I first created I knew that I had a vision and a purpose of what I wanted my brand to represent.  I wanted to encourage and inspire others to do better, to think about their life and its direction and to follow their dreams.

I sprinkle some gossip in my posts every once in a while, when the story has an alternative or deeper meaning.  But, in reality the gossip market is saturated with meaningless tid bits.  Instead, I wanted people to be able to read something with a purpose.  I’m still a growing site and it’s hard to take a more positive approach to blogging, but I get small reminders everyday that I’m on the right track.  Most of my close friends know that my inspiration for taking the plunge into building my site was and is Necole Bitchie.  Her story is amazing and in many ways, I find myself relating to her on many levels.  She has no clue who I even am, but if she ever reads this I hope she knows that her story is what helped me find the courage to share my voice with all of you.

I’m at a really difficult place in my life at the moment.  I find myself going through personal struggles that often times seem hard to tackle.  I lost my job and am hustling to pay my bills by working long hours and using every bit of energy I have.  Who knows what’s next for me, but for the first time in years I can say that I am starting over.  From the bare minimum.  It’s a scary place to be, but I say all of this to remind my readers that THIS is why I started my site.  Making a big enough site to generate a decent amount of revenue, becoming an industry leading blogger and inspiring people along the way are my goals.  I’m just now in a place to take a serious shot at giving it my all.

Let the story begin…



If you haven’t heard of Tinashe, be on the lookout!  She is an up-and-coming singer who is making waves on the scene!  I’ll let her music speak for itself and I’m sure you’ll take a liking to her as much as I have.  Check out Tinashe’s video below and let me know what you think!

Is it Possible to Appreciate the Journey Without the Struggle?

I’m going to keep this short and sweet for you all today!  This is a topic that lingers in my mind on a regular basis.  You see some celebrities and successful people who gave it their ALL.  They have a “story” that perfectly outlines their struggles and you can tell that they are extremely grateful for what they have overcome and where they are now.  Then you see those individuals who just so happen to be walking in a mall and get discovered by Tyra Banks.  Or they have the “look” that a casting director wants in their next film.  Do these people appreciate the chance to become a star or a true success story without the struggle?  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or by simply clicking “yes” or “no” in the poll below!

Are You Ready For What This Industry Will Bring?

My posts mainly focus on the positive side of the industry and the journey it takes to get to the top.  However, there is an ugly side that many fall victim to.  We’ve seen stars like Lindsay Lohan, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Charlie Sheen get so deep into this business that they completely lost themselves and a couple from this list even lost their lives.  So, what inspired me to address this issue?

Well, you can say that I’m watching someone (who thinks they are in this industry already) lose themselves completely.  What happens when you look around and you have no more friends left? What happens when all you can think about is getting rich, but you forget to live life?  What happens when the people closest to you are the ones that can’t be trusted?  I can’t answer any of these questions, but I can tell you this…I know some people who are able to give you the answers based off of their experiences and lifestyle.  As pretty as this “industry” may seem, I think it makes sense to build your foundation up so strong, that it can’t be shaken and you can remain humble and grounded.

Take a second to let the Dreamworld know what you think is the leading downfall for stars nowadays by clicking below:

Celebrities Can Dream Too!

Hello, world!  Thank you, once again, for visiting my Dreamworld.  I hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas with family and friends (and lots of food)!  In keeping with the holiday spirit a.k.a. the warm and fuzzies,  I want to highlight something that makes me warm to the core…babies!  Ok, so have you ever wondered what happens AFTER a celebrity makes it or what their new set of goals might be once they actually reach celebrity status?!  I do all the time!  So, when I see women on the come-up or already in the business who are starting families, I loooove it!  To think that they have the fame, the money, the world at their fingertips and it comes back to the basics of starting a family…that’s what it’s all about.  Here’s something to just make you smile and for me to say congrats to the new mommies in the spotlight and the mommies-to-be!  Enjoy 🙂

Parents-to-be Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, Source: US Magazine

Parents-to-be Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, Source: US Magazine

Lola Monroe and Los Unveil Pregnancy, Source: Instagram

Lola Monroe and Los Unveil Pregnancy, Source: Instagram

Tamera Mowry-Housley and Husband Adam Housley, Source: People

Tamera Mowry-Housley and Husband Adam Housley recently welcomed their new baby son to the world. Source: People

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