The Double Standard: Women, Men & Sex!

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

This particular post came about during several conversations with both men and women.  When I reference “sex” in this post I don’t just mean the physical action, but everything that comes along with it…you know, kissing, touching, talking, dating, friends with benefits, and so on.  Continue reading

I’m Your Bartender, Not Your Slave!

I was going to do a post on the latest Beyoncé and Jay-Z drama because it really is juicy.   However,  I decided to switch gears and not indulge in the gossip,  but if you really want to watch his alleged mistress diss Mrs. Carter, here’s the link lol:



So, the real topic at hand, that I’m eager to dive into, is how we (as a society) treat people in the hospitality industry.   I have the overwhelming joy (sarcasm) of being a bartender.  In this industry,  as in life,  there are amazing customers and there are also horrible life suckers.

Lastnight I had a horrible life sucker shove his I.D. in my face because I made him hold it out too long (yikes).  Who knew that waiting 5 seconds with your hand out,  warranted such a display?  Of course,  I’m able to refuse service to anyone that decides to treat me like a slave and that’s exactly what I did.  Oh, and in case you’re shaking your head thinking what he did wasn’t that awful,  he also cussed me out for making him wait.

I don’t necessarily care about WHAT he did as much as I care about his reasoning.  Is this what the world has come to?  People are allowed to disrespect those that are serving them in a restaurant simply because they are working for tips?  I’ll be the first to tell anyone,  just because I’m serving you,  doesn’t give you the right to disrespect me.

I’m curious,  how many of you treat servers,  bartenders, valet, hotel clerks, etc. with disrespect? Have you ever done it and felt bad?  Do you feel above them?  Share your stories!

Lastly, becoming a bartender was on my dream list (check)! I always felt that it was a skill that paid well and it would give me the freedom to move anywhere and still earn an income.  Ok, now im done,  ciao!

Monday’s Lesson: When Your “Success” Turns You Into An A$$hole!

Yup! I said it!  Ever watch someone on television as a regular reality “star” and then see them after a few episodes air and they’re stunting?  They start brushing “fans” off or turning down interviews or begin wearing things that they still probably can’t afford…overall, they THINK they are bigger than what they actually are!  Let’s be real, in about ten years, you’re not going to even be recognized.  Maybe it’s not just people on television…ever see people on your Facebook feed or Twitter timeline who are always “on” for the cameras?!  They just HAVE to let every…single…person…know…every…freaking…step or brag about every single thing that they own.

My Monday lesson goes out to all of you who I described above.  Learn to humble yourselves, understand that whatever success you have achieved, is a blessing and can be taken away in a split second.  People appreciate genuine individuals that they can relate to, not because of social status, but because of the wisdom and thoughtfulness and originality that you may bring to the table.

Are You Ready For What This Industry Will Bring?

My posts mainly focus on the positive side of the industry and the journey it takes to get to the top.  However, there is an ugly side that many fall victim to.  We’ve seen stars like Lindsay Lohan, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Charlie Sheen get so deep into this business that they completely lost themselves and a couple from this list even lost their lives.  So, what inspired me to address this issue?

Well, you can say that I’m watching someone (who thinks they are in this industry already) lose themselves completely.  What happens when you look around and you have no more friends left? What happens when all you can think about is getting rich, but you forget to live life?  What happens when the people closest to you are the ones that can’t be trusted?  I can’t answer any of these questions, but I can tell you this…I know some people who are able to give you the answers based off of their experiences and lifestyle.  As pretty as this “industry” may seem, I think it makes sense to build your foundation up so strong, that it can’t be shaken and you can remain humble and grounded.

Take a second to let the Dreamworld know what you think is the leading downfall for stars nowadays by clicking below:

***Video*** Chicago Rapper, Lil Reese Beats up Girl!

When will the violence against women STOP?!  Fellas, it is NEVER EVER ok to do this to a female! If a woman crosses a line, WALK AWAY!  Seeing stuff like this makes me sick to my stomach!  FYI, don’t watch this around children.  Use the WorldStarHipHop link or click the YouTube video:

WSHH Link:

YouTube Video:

Don’t Be a Craigslist Victim!

I knew there was a reason why I stayed away from the Classifieds mega site  I learned the hard way that there are a lot of folks just trying to trick you into stealing your money.  So this is what happened!  I’ve been looking for a new place to live, within a reasonable price, and with enough space for a roommate.  UGH!  If that’s not enough stress, this area (DC) is super freaking expensive, so I branched out and started looking for houses/condos for rent.  This is where the nightmare began!  Check out my step-by-step mistakes:

1.  I used Craigslist to look for a legitimate apartment/rental property listing.

2.  I was eager, impatient and “trusting” because I needed a place A.S.A.P.

3.  I didn’t set up a throw-away email account for inquiries; I used my personal account (sad face).

Fast forward! I sent inquiries to about 4 properties in the area and let me tell you…the responses that I got were normal.  The first response I got was for a house for rent in NOVA for $900 a month.  To me it was a sweet deal!  This was the first email I got:

Thanks for your email and interest in renting my apartment, the property is in a secured neighborhood fully furnished with all necessary amenities. It has a very large bedrooms with spacious in built wardrobe, living room with dining area, 2 bathroom, dishwasher, washing machine, and clothes dryer.  The home comes with two parking spots, a storage unit where you can deposit my furniture (if you don’t like it and you want use your furniture). Pets allowed. The home is in perfect living condition and everything is included (water, electricity, Internet, cable, parking, air conditioning, fireplace, dishwasher, garbage) in the rent. Property is available for move in at the moment but unfortunately, I would not be present in person to show you the property due to my recent job transfer to Brooklyn, NY and I do not have a local representative to show the place due to my transfer so if you are interested in renting the property and willing to work with me despite my absence kindly get back to me ASAP so I can forward the Rental Application and the steps in renting my home.  Feel free to reach me on my Cell Phone # (614) 238-8625.  Regards, Janet E. Jusino


1. The amount of typos in the email!

2. They were located in NY and couldn’t show the property.

3. There were no photos of the interior.

4. I called the number and the voice-mail was for a man with an African accent (the sender’s name was “Janet”).

5. I sent two emails and there was no response; I finally asked for photos and was sent two copies of the rental agreement and that was it.

There were a string of emails after this one, but the next red flag was the fact that they wanted me to send rent payments to their Western Union Account (NEVER DO THIS!!!).  By this time I realized that this was a fake listing.  To confirm this, I clicked on the original Craigslist ad and the following disclaimer popped up, “This ad has been flagged for removal.”  The other listings I inquired about came back with the same story.  The owner was relocated for work, had no pictures of the interior and two had the SAME email response letting me know that they were relocated in West Africa.

I tell you this so that you can BEWARE!  I know people who use Craigslist with no issues, but I will no longer use this site for ANYTHING!