Monday’s Lesson: When Your “Success” Turns You Into An A$$hole!

Yup! I said it!  Ever watch someone on television as a regular reality “star” and then see them after a few episodes air and they’re stunting?  They start brushing “fans” off or turning down interviews or begin wearing things that they still probably can’t afford…overall, they THINK they are bigger than what they actually are!  Let’s be real, in about ten years, you’re not going to even be recognized.  Maybe it’s not just people on television…ever see people on your Facebook feed or Twitter timeline who are always “on” for the cameras?!  They just HAVE to let every…single…person…know…every…freaking…step or brag about every single thing that they own.

My Monday lesson goes out to all of you who I described above.  Learn to humble yourselves, understand that whatever success you have achieved, is a blessing and can be taken away in a split second.  People appreciate genuine individuals that they can relate to, not because of social status, but because of the wisdom and thoughtfulness and originality that you may bring to the table.