How Social Media Replaced The Woman’s Intuition!

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I know he’s cheating…I can just feel it!  This used to be how women expressed their reasoning when they thought their significant other was being unfaithful.  It was a feeling, intuition, something that could be FELT in the pit of their stomachs.  Nowadays…chile please!  Social media IS a woman’s intuition. 

Men already think that most women were secretly trained by the CIA during a covert operation to ruin their polygamist mindset.  But really, we/they were just given the gift of a very strong intuition.  Because women are known to be more emotionally connected to their partner, it really is just a feeling that we get sometimes when we think we are being cheated on or lied to.  Social media is similar to our natural gift, only it was designed by man…and by “man” I mean mankind.

What women used to have to search far and wide for is now at their fingertips.  All of the answers are a scroll and/or click away.  Social media gives women an enormous amount of access to photos, convos, comments and picture/status likes that sometimes catch their lover in a lie, uncover the beginnings of a flirtatious relationship, prove justified intuitions, and/or confirm that it isn’t just a creative imagination.  The world is now a full-access melting pot!  A false sense of power?  Not at all.  Just one more step closer to completing the mission that men already thing we are being trained for.

Happy clicking!


Daniella Sig

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  1. Men are just dumb! Myself included. We don’t hide our dirt as well as women. In order for a women to be caught is has to be red handed. Women only feel a man is cheating because we start acting different either in a good way or bad. Not all men / women act this way.m, just the majority.

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