A Letter To The Younger Me…


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In life, there will be plenty of things that will happen that you may not be proud of.  Things that you’d give anything to take back or to do over.  There will be moments where you’re embarrassed or ashamed.  But it won’t all be bad…these are just the things that may interrupt your seasons of happiness and joy.   Something that you should keep close to your heart and always on your mind is to never give up on yourself.  Keep smiling and spreading love around the world.  Travel.  See how other cultures exist on the same planet.  Pray.  Pray every single day.  Be thankful and never greedy…trust me!  Never care what others say; you will define the mark you make on this world.

There’s this thing you’ll experience called, LOVE.  It will knock you down, it will make you laugh, cry, cringe, hope, fear and go crazy.  But it’s worth it.  Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and the one true healing power across nations.  Never stop loving and never stop believing in it…no matter what.

When you get tired or think you’ve hit rock bottom, just remember that you haven’t yet and there will be more twists and turns waiting for you.  When you fall, be sure to always get back up.  Life may seem scary, but it’s the best gift that we will ever receive.

Here’s the most important piece of advice in this letter…are you ready for it?  One day you’re going to wake up and you’ll FEEL different.  You will think to yourself, I want it all.  When this happens, recognize it and keep that feeling close to you for the rest of your life.  This is what I like to call…your DREAM.  Many will have one, or maybe a few, but not everyone will follow it.  Follow your dream(s).  Never settle and above all, be proud of yourself.


Daniella Sig

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