Beauty-licious: The MAC Attack Series

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

After some thought and genuinely fun conversations with a girlfriend, it was decided that I don’t give enough glimpses into my world.  No one really knows about my secret obsessions or my weekly nail shop experiences.  Not many people are aware that I’m too cheap to get my hair done professionally so I do my own blowouts.  There are so many Target trips that I make where I walk the same aisle for over an hour looking for the best OPI nail polishes and guess what?  You got it!  No one even knows!

So, here it is…the first series on my revamped site!  MAC Attack will include any and everything that us make-up lovers look for, find, use and absolutely love!  I’ll be sharing tips, asking for help, posting reviews and giving a peek into my most recent obsession…MAC!  Each series within my new Beauty-licious section will be filled with funny stories, beauty tips, and everything that ladies love when it comes to being BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS at the same [damn] time.

Be sure to check back for my first MAC Attack post: “Have You Had Your Lip-Gasm Today?”  I can’t wait to begin sharing my Beauty-licious posts with all of you!

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