Is it Possible to Appreciate the Journey Without the Struggle?

I’m going to keep this short and sweet for you all today!  This is a topic that lingers in my mind on a regular basis.  You see some celebrities and successful people who gave it their ALL.  They have a “story” that perfectly outlines their struggles and you can tell that they are extremely grateful for what they have overcome and where they are now.  Then you see those individuals who just so happen to be walking in a mall and get discovered by Tyra Banks.  Or they have the “look” that a casting director wants in their next film.  Do these people appreciate the chance to become a star or a true success story without the struggle?  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or by simply clicking “yes” or “no” in the poll below!

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  1. You can’t really appreciate the journey without the struggle…..w/out struggle the only thing that would be appreciated is the end point. But how can one be really satisfied with reaching a goal w/out acknowledging and appreciating what got them there….

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