MLK Day: The Reminder Of A Dream Still Unfulfilled


Source: Google Images

As another MLK day is upon us, it’s worth setting time aside to reflect on our role in this world.

As individuals, we each have the responsibility to make choices on how we contribute to the good and the bad around us.  Some people will contribute their service today, some will enjoy the day off from work, others will use it as a time to spread Dr. King, Jr.’s wisdom.  Whatever you choose to do today, the reflection should be just as equal as the celebration or the enjoyment.

As a nation, we have fallen short of what dreams were had many years ago.  This world is filled with hate, cruelty, negativity and a lack of respect.  It’s too easy to use MLK’s day as a way to pretend that we, as people, have taken strides in making the world a better place because we’ve actually fallen short. 

Some may be on the right path, while others are adding to the turmoil that’s so evident around us. However, we rise together and we fall together.  If one person is falling short, we all fall short.  I wish that today could be an amazing day filled with a positive reflection, but I hang my head slightly low because I know that the world as it is right now,  is not what anyone dreamed of.

With that being said, I leave everyone with a couple of questions: 

1. How will you be the change that the world needs so desperately?

2. What will be your contribution for future generations? 

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?  ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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