Are You Falling For The “Formation” Hype?



Per usual, Beyoncé has taken the world by storm with a surprise.  This time, Queen Bey released a new music video titled, Formation Love her or hate her, she came with her a-game and held nothing back.  Beyoncé let the world know that she likes her baby with “baby hair and afros”  and she also likes her “negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils.”  With lyrics like that, you know her video had to be equally thought provoking and mouth-on-the-floor insane!


Just when everyone had long enough of a break from seeing Bey everywhere, she comes back with a banger.  Every once in a while I need a Bey-break, but as a business woman I appreciate her hustle and innovative nature.  She’s one of the most creative artists out and is constantly reinventing herself into something that we can all either appreciate or hate.  Regardless of which direction we sway, she remains totally unapologetic and continues to push the boundaries within the music industry.


So, I’m there…one of those that have fallen for the hype.  I love anything different and honey, this is definitely different.


If you haven’t seen Formation, check it out below and enjoy!



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