Holidays Can Be Tough for My Dreamers Out There!

It seems like this year has flown by!  The Holidays are creeping up and we’re right back to shopping, traveling and eating good food.  However, what about the folks who aren’t where they want to be in life?  What if the end of 2013 is just a reminder that you haven’t accomplished all of your goals?  Well, speaking from experience, as someone who hasn’t accomplished everything just yet, I know the feeling.  It’s tough to know that you still have so far to go, but that shouldn’t be a discouragement.


This Holiday, realign yourself and make a list of everything you still have to tackle and maybe set at least one or two new goals for yourself.  Sometimes it’s hard to live in the moment and enjoy the holiday cheer, but try your best because most of your strength, support and drive will be rooted in your family and friends.  Don’t let a timeline determine your level of success, instead just keep trucking along and remain as focused as possible.

So, do me a favor…when you go home for Christmas or Thanksgiving or New Years or whatever you celebrate in your culture, help set the dinner table, help mom or dad cook the food, buy some mistletoe, put some holiday music on, do something to get involved and allow yourself to have some fun.  We all have goals in life and one of them should be to enjoy the precious time that we have with family and friends.

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