Would You Gossip Less If You Had More Of A Life?

Source: Wazala.com

Source: Wazala.com

It is never good to be more interested in someone’s downfall than you are in their success.


Have you ever known anyone that  seems to have just way too much time on their hands or not enough goals and they continuously gossip?  I mean, let’s be real, if gossiping were a sport, they may actually win a trophy.  I get it, every once in a while, we vent to those closest to us.  There are things that, we as humans, need to get off of our chest to remain sane.  That’s normal.  What isn’t normal is to fill an entire day talking about others to just about everybody that you come in contact with, just for the hell of it.  It is never good to be more interested in someone’s downfall than you are in their success.


So, people, how do we overcome this very serious and immature issue?  Off the top of my head, I think the first best thing to do would be to limit what you talk about to a very tight circle, one that isn’t intertwined through very few degrees of separation.  Then, maybe, just maybe, you could include outside activities such as, getting a job, traveling, hanging out with friends (the good ones, with good jobs), read a book, go back to school, start dating…I could go on forever.  In a nutshell, maybe if folks had more of a life, they wouldn’t be so concerned with the lives of others.  In doing something for the greater good, I decided to put together a list of the top 10 things you could do instead of sitting around gossiping all day and trolling social media for the next juicy tidbit of information on someone you may know (or not know, but you want to know).  I really hope this helps the masses!

  1. Travel – Create new life experiences, ones that will last a lifetime and fill you up with lots of joy.
  2. Get a hobby – Maybe now is a good time to do something new like photography, painting, drawing, etc.
  3. Get fit – Start working out more, that way you’ll be too tired to run your mouth (see what I did there?).
  4. Make new friends – If you surround yourself with better people, maybe you won’t want to gossip.
  5. Start dating – When people are happy, they won’t try to stir things up unnecessarily.  They just won’t have time!
  6. Volunteer – Help others, pay it forward, and realize that there are actual issues going on in the world.
  7. Find a job – You know what they say…an idle mind is the devil’s playground.  If you’re bored at work and have too much time on your hands, find a new one.
  8. Write – If you’re creative enough to spread gossip, then put those skills to good use and write a book, start a blog, write your gossip down on paper.
  9. Learn a new language – You’ll be so captivated by a new language that you won’t want to waste your English on nonsense.
  10. Go to church – If you find yourself not being the best version of yourself, maybe Jesus can help!

Look, we all have our moments where we slip up, say the wrong thing, do something we aren’t proud of.  That’s expected…we’re flawed from the very beginning of our existence.  However, maliciously trying to hurt someone, spreading rumors, making up lies, or just being evil-hearted only hurts you in the end.  Let’s all be friends, coworkers, sons, and daughters that make this world better.  Instead of using our voice to tear others down, let’s put it to good use and spread more love.

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