30 Thursdays!

As some of you may know, I am at a turning point in my life.  I am knocking on the door to the other side of adulthood…yes, I’m turning 30!  UGH!  Some people welcome this idea, some people totally freak out (that’s me) and some don’t even think about it (totally wish this was me).  Every person has their own way of coping with the idea that they will no longer be in their 20’s (OMG I just got nervous).  So, what does this mean for me?  It means that as much as I am freaking out, I can’t stop time.  I can’t avoid turning 30 no matter how hard I close my eyes and make a wish (believe me, I’ve tried).  Having this in the forefront of my brain, I have no other choice than to go out of my 20’s with a bang!  I’ve done the necessary cleaning up in my life…you know, the getting closure on certain situations, saying good-bye to those that no longer deserve a space in my circle, moving on from hurt or just toxic surroundings and above all, nurturing the friendships and relationships with family that I am so grateful for.  I want to enter into this new phase free of the BULLSHIT (yes, I cussed).  That way I can enjoy my celebration!  Stay tuned for my mini journey details (party planning, getting the perfect dress, my freak out moments, etc.).  Thanks for taking this ride with me and feel free to offer words of encouragement and boxes of tissues!

Daniella Sig

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