Kevin Hart Donates $250,000 to Philadelphia Public Schools

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Growing up in Philly, I know first-hand how it’s hard to make it out without being jaded.  I was fortunate enough to go to some of the best schools in the area, but that came with major sacrifices from my parents.  I wish that other kids had the opportunities that I had because maybe they would have a better chance to move up and be great…and that’s just me…imagine what it’s like for someone like Kevin Hart who was raised up in the Philadelphia public school system and has to watch the city he loves, climb out of a crisis.

He recently chipped in to do his part in helping the city purchase 500 computers for students.  It’s no secret that the school district is in a heap of debt and the main people suffering are the kids.  This past year, 24 public schools were closed and students were shifted around and taken out of their element.  In a recent interview on Philly’s Hot 107.9, Hart declared, “I bleed Philadelphia!”  If you’re from the City of Brotherly Love, you would know what it’s like “bleed” it…it’s in the culture, the food, the city-life…everything.  He also stated:

I felt like the city was in a time of need.  I feel like it’s good to step up and show kids that regardless of where I’m at in my life now, I once sat in the same seat they sit in…this is definitely a start of something big for me.  I’m jumping into this philanthropy world and for me, this is where I wanted it to start.

He goes on to say:

Then by accident I found my lane, helping my city.  That’s my lane.  Trying to put my city on my back, uplift it and showing these kids that I give a damn.  By showing them that I give a damn, hopefully, it’ll keep them interested to stay in school and make it out like I did.

KUDOS to you, Kevin Hart!  We need more people like you who can turn back around to help out the city that made them…Philly needs it!

Blog Even When You Don’t Want To: Become a Blogger Mondays!

Do you think that it’s all just peaches and cream around here?  As if every week I want to write and write and write?  I hate to burst your cyber bubble, but that’s just not the case (lol).  I do have days, maybe even weeks, when I just don’t feel like blogging…there…I admitted it…go call the blogging police and have me arrested!  Sometimes I get angry phone calls from my BFF and friends and it basically goes something like this:

Friend: Dani, WHAT THE HELL is wrong with you?!

Me: What are you talking about?

Friend: Why haven’t you been blogging?  GET IT TOGETHER!

Me: Geez! Fine!  Can I take a week off sometimes?

Friend: Don’t make me cuss you out!

That’s my life!  Getting threats on the regular (lol)!  So, with that said, here is my weekend recap!  Even though I don’t feel like doing it because I’m still recovering and oh-so-tired, I’m “getting it together” for my Become a Blogger Mondays series:

1. I had a GREAT time this weekend!  It started with a retro themed party for my second mom who is 50 and FABULOUS!  It took me forever to get my outfit together, but I finally chose to dress like a back-in-the-day girl with the victory curls, the scarf around the neck, the tapered black pants and a cute sweater.  My hair was the highlight of my night since it took me forever to get it just right.  Here you go!  A peek at the finished product:

2. My Saturday day/night was somewhat crazier!  My homie, Joy, came over to help me pack (yes, I’m moving!) and in between celebration shots (yes, I drink!) we ate and danced and just goofed out all the way!  As I mentioned on Friday, we went to see Kevin Hart perform (he was hella funny) and then we club hopped until about 4am!  It was definitely a night to remember and here we are, about to head out (excuse the mess on the floor, I am moving/packing after all)!

3.  I wish I could say that I did something just as fun on Sunday, but I spent most of the day sleeping and nursing myself back to normalcy (lol)!

What did you do this weekend? Was it fun? Was it crazy?

Howard Homecoming: A Kevin Hart Weekend!

Photo Source: The Urban Daily

Yup, that’s right!  I finally get to see this fool in living color and I’m SO HYPE!  I normally stay away from the city during Howard’s Homecoming because there are just too many people and crowds, but this is definitely going to be a much needed and anticipated exception.  I’ve had a crazy few weeks from dealing with stress at work, packing, moving, almost busting some foreheads at a funeral, (did I mention packing?), getting pulled over for running a red light…you name it, it pretty much happened!  So yes, I will be letting my hair down, getting cute and joining in on the festivities this weekend!  ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIIIIIGHT!  You gon’ learn today!

How will you be enjoying Howard’s Homecoming?  Do tell!