DNC 2016: In Case You Missed It!


First Lady Michelle Obama takes the stage during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Monday, July 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

First Lady Michelle Obama takes the stage during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Monday, July 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

As the Democratic National Convention is underway in Philadelphia, there may be some things you missed.  The night was filled with speeches from entertainers and political figures alike. Continue reading

Drake Surprises Strawberry Mansion Students in Philadelphia!

Source: ABC News

Source: ABC News

As some of my readers know, I grew up in Philly and know just how rough it can be, especially for the youth.  National news has reported about the Philadelphia School District and its struggling financial status.  Kevin Hart recently donated $250,000 to buy new computers for students and now Drake has jumped on board.  What has once felt like a forgotten city, is now the recipient of some huge donations; people actually do care.  ABC News did a report (click here) on a well-known Philadelphia school, Strawberry Mansion, and it inspired rap star, Drake.  Diane Sawyer highlighted the grim financial state of the school that can barely afford school uniforms, but is trying to be known for something more than its violence.

Drake saw the report and said, “I was so heavily effected that I started questioning major aspects of my life.”  He surprised Strawberry Mansion students and faculty with the announcement that he is building a recording studio.  Knowing how some of the city’s schools struggle, it means a lot to see such big names in the industry taking notice.  Not many celebrities look students in their eyes and say, “This is about you, this is about your school, this is about your principal!”  Take a look at how Drake surprises students:

Kevin Hart Donates $250,000 to Philadelphia Public Schools

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Growing up in Philly, I know first-hand how it’s hard to make it out without being jaded.  I was fortunate enough to go to some of the best schools in the area, but that came with major sacrifices from my parents.  I wish that other kids had the opportunities that I had because maybe they would have a better chance to move up and be great…and that’s just me…imagine what it’s like for someone like Kevin Hart who was raised up in the Philadelphia public school system and has to watch the city he loves, climb out of a crisis.

He recently chipped in to do his part in helping the city purchase 500 computers for students.  It’s no secret that the school district is in a heap of debt and the main people suffering are the kids.  This past year, 24 public schools were closed and students were shifted around and taken out of their element.  In a recent interview on Philly’s Hot 107.9, Hart declared, “I bleed Philadelphia!”  If you’re from the City of Brotherly Love, you would know what it’s like “bleed” it…it’s in the culture, the food, the city-life…everything.  He also stated:

I felt like the city was in a time of need.  I feel like it’s good to step up and show kids that regardless of where I’m at in my life now, I once sat in the same seat they sit in…this is definitely a start of something big for me.  I’m jumping into this philanthropy world and for me, this is where I wanted it to start.

He goes on to say:

Then by accident I found my lane, helping my city.  That’s my lane.  Trying to put my city on my back, uplift it and showing these kids that I give a damn.  By showing them that I give a damn, hopefully, it’ll keep them interested to stay in school and make it out like I did.

KUDOS to you, Kevin Hart!  We need more people like you who can turn back around to help out the city that made them…Philly needs it!

BIG Shout Out to Sebastian McCall for Being Featured on Philly.com!

I keep trying to tell everyone that my cousin has the best boutique(s) in Philly!  He is known as the “jean guru” and I love every purchase that I have made.  He’s been featured many times for being the “Best in Philly” and here is the latest article from Philly.com.  Check out the article below by Michael Hinkelman and if you are in the Philly area, be sure to stop and shop at “Charlie’s Jeans”:

Source: Philly.com

Source: Philly.com

SEBASTIAN McCALL, 39, of Northern Liberties, owns Charlie’s Jeans, on Market Street near 2nd in Old City. He also has a smaller store on Chestnut Street near 17th in Center City. In May 2010, McCall launched his own designer denim brand, which retails for $165 and up, and comes in a variety of cuts, sizes and colors.

Q: Tell me about your shop and your own denim brand.

A: We opened in Northern Liberties 15 years ago and moved to Old City. Denim is the best place to be, because you interact more with the customer. It’s a different challenge to make jeans fit properly. I wanted my own jean. I didn’t know where to begin, but I really knew the fit. One of my vendors allowed us to do a fit, and after that I got the bug.

Q: Tell me about that.A: We went to California, set up shop there and started manufacturing our own jeans.Q: Why California?

A: Every brand we carry is made there. If your seamstress is sick, you can find another. Our denim manufacturer is in North Carolina. We brought them in, sampled 100 fabrics, model after model. I wanted jeans that would satisfy all our customers.

Q: Who are your customers?

A: They’re probably 80 percent women, ages 22 to 55. They’re professionals, judges, lawyers, doctors, people in the pharmaceutical industry. Our customer comes from all over – New York, California, D.C. and Boston

Q: Why is your brand special?

A: We go from size 00 to 18. I wanted a brand that women could easily fit into. So if she says, “I want to feel sexy, slim, I want my jeans to fit perfectly and I want made-in-the-USA quality,” we have that.

Q: I hear you’re called the Jeans Whisperer.

A: I guess it comes with making shopping easy. I grew up in a hair salon and my mother always said, “It’s not how she looks when she walks in the door, watch the smile on her face as she leaves.”

Q: So how many pairs of your brand have you sold?

A: We’ve sold 16,000 pairs of Sebastian McCall jeans, and that doesn’t include 2013. That’s over $2 million in sales since I launched. About 75 percent of my jean sales are my own brand.