Drake Surprises Strawberry Mansion Students in Philadelphia!

Source: ABC News

Source: ABC News

As some of my readers know, I grew up in Philly and know just how rough it can be, especially for the youth.  National news has reported about the Philadelphia School District and its struggling financial status.  Kevin Hart recently donated $250,000 to buy new computers for students and now Drake has jumped on board.  What has once felt like a forgotten city, is now the recipient of some huge donations; people actually do care.  ABC News did a report (click here) on a well-known Philadelphia school, Strawberry Mansion, and it inspired rap star, Drake.  Diane Sawyer highlighted the grim financial state of the school that can barely afford school uniforms, but is trying to be known for something more than its violence.

Drake saw the report and said, “I was so heavily effected that I started questioning major aspects of my life.”  He surprised Strawberry Mansion students and faculty with the announcement that he is building a recording studio.  Knowing how some of the city’s schools struggle, it means a lot to see such big names in the industry taking notice.  Not many celebrities look students in their eyes and say, “This is about you, this is about your school, this is about your principal!”  Take a look at how Drake surprises students:

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