30+ With No Baby Or Hubby?


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If you are a woman in your 30’s, with no baby or hubby, there are many pressures that you may be feeling.  For starters, every one of your friends is probably getting married or expecting.  What does this mean for the rest of us who just aren’t there yet?  It means baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, gender reveal parties, etc.  It can be overwhelming if you’re like me; a different celebration multiple times a year.  Overall, it can become a bit much to take in, but that doesn’t mean the joy gets lost.


The reality is, there’s no greater joy that I feel than when one of my friends or family members makes it to this monumental stage in their life.  I sincerely love the babies, the toddlers, the husbands, the extended family…all of it.  Seeing so much happiness makes me happy.  However, do you ever feel like you don’t get as much support in return?  I mean, after all, it isn’t easy to deal with the pressure to have a baby or get married.  It requires just as much support from your friends and family.  So, to all of the people out there with single friends who are in the midst of this kind of pressure, here’s some advice.


If you have a friend that isn’t at the same point in life as you are, but has always supported and shared in your amazing moments, it’s time for you to reciprocate that support.  Be just as happy and accepting of where your single friends are the same way they’ve been happy for you.  Live life with them and include them in your world of babies and marriage.  Trust me, it goes a long way.  I’m fortunate enough to have some great friends that are right by my side, just as I am for them and it really means so much.


Can you relate?  How do you deal with the pressure of being 30+ with no baby or hubby?  Share your advice and let the Dreamworld know how you’re managing the pressure.  And to the men out there, let us know what your experience is like!




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