Erica Mena “Where Do I Go From Here”



If you watched the latest episode of Love & Hip-Hop then you heard a snippet of Erica Mena’s ballad, Where Do I Go From Here.  She’s taking her shot at singing (ummm…ok).  Here’s the full version, let the Dreamworld know what you think!

Behind the Music: Toni Braxton [Full Version]

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This is an amazing story of passion, struggle, fortitude and above all, endurance!  No one ever said that following your dreams would be easy and Toni Braxton’s story is a perfect example of working hard for everything that you have.  (Thanks for sharing, The Jasmine Brand) Check out the full version of Vh1’s Behind the Music: Toni Braxton.

Jonathas, from NBC’s, “The Voice”, Tells All to the Dreamworld!

If you are a fan of NBC’s The Voice, then the name Jonathas will certainly ring some bells.  He was the soulful powerhouse from Season 2 who was cut in the final battle round, just before the ultimate live competition.  Jonathas was a fan favorite, bringing something new to the competition…a Brazilian who could sing Usher’s U Got it Bad better than Usher himself (yes, I said it!).  For those that aren’t as familiar, Jonathas migrated to the United States on a boat for over a month with his mother at the age of four.  Growing up poor, music is what he turned to at a young age and it has become the one thing that could help provide for his family.  Now living in Texas at the age of 24, he has a wife and two kids and drops his debut album, Numb, which is slated to be something that the R&B game needs.  Check out my interview with Jonathas and see what he has to say about his upcoming album, his migration to the U.S. and choosing team Christina on The Voice.

Tell me about your journey from Brazil to the U.S.

I came to the States when I was about 4 or 5 years old.  I was on a cruise ship with me and my older brother and my mom was pregnant with my younger brother.  We came to the States super young and Austin was one of the first stops we made.  Singing was always a part of my life…I tried to enter as many things as I could; we grew up really poor so money was always a situation and we tried to scramble around and get into as many free things and contests as we could.

At what point did you know that singing was a passion and something that you were going to follow for the long haul?

I gotta say when I was probably in Middle School, there was a big show that I did and I lead the choir and had these big solos and I knew from there exactly what I wanted to do. I had to grow up and learn everything on my own [including] all the studio stuff, so I just started taking it to the next level.  Middle School was really it…not only was I like, “I can do this” but I love to do it and I love to hear the fans yell. It was what I wanted ever since I was young.

Even though this is your passion, it’s obviously a way for you to provide for your family.  Given the struggle that you’ve had early on in life, does that add any extra pressure to succeed?

Yes, absolutely!  I make a little money here and there, but I also work part-time.  I’m 24 hours, fully committed to this music thing because that’s what I do and that’s what I love to do and it’s what I’m gonna do until I’m where I want to be, but even now it’s tough.  You go onto a show like The Voice and you get cut where you did and you get back home and people had all these expectations, family as well.  It was tough.  Having to pick it up from there, it was tough.  I had to search deep and find myself and that’s where Numb came from.

What can fans expect from your upcoming album, Numb?

Numb is real, it’s something that I had to step out of where I was and I had to find myself and I had to do my own soul searching.  It was the first time I was dealing with another writer that was writing something for me and that was big because I’m real picky when it comes to my music and I like things a certain style.  I really opened up for this project.  I had a writer for my first single, Written in Stone, who was Karen Rodriguez.  It’s me thinking, it’s me searching and I’m still finding my voice.

You have an amazing voice!  Where do you get your main inspiration from?

That’s a good question!  I never grew up with any vocal coaching, but I did grow up with my heros like Usher.  When Ne-Yo first broke out as an artist, that’s when it struck me.  Ne-Yo was one of my biggest inspirations and not just as an artist, but as a songwriter and having to work behind the scenes and see everybody else get the fame and high accolades.  Then he comes out and BOOM, he’s the man!  I really kept that in mind and stayed focus.  I really follow up on the artists that I have a lot of respect for and it keeps me in line with my music.  Nowadays, a lot of things are going Pop and it’s rare that you hear R&B on the radio.  What I don’t want to do is reject what I have now and where my voice is best at and go do the Pop; I want to stick with what I love and what I do best and that’s R&B.

Did you get a chance to work with Ne-Yo?

I didn’t and it kinda sucks because I ended up going with team Christina and Ne-Yo was a mentor on Cee-Lo’s team.  But, everything happens for a reason and hopefully things come up after this project is released.

You chose team Christina, was that something that you did on your own and if so, what was the ultimate deciding factor?

I did choose her on my own, but I didn’t have intentions of choosing her…I don’t even think they give you more than a minute to decide.  I went into the competition saying I wanted to go with team Cee-Lo.  He’s another artist that I have a lot of respect for.  I felt like Christina wanted to fight for me more and when she was looking at me and talking to me I just really felt like she wanted to connect with me as a artist and elevate what I had to the next level.

Were you happy with your decision at the end of it?

That’s a tough question to ask.  I can say yes and I’m really thankful for everything she’s done for me, but at the same time did I make the right decision? That’s a question I ask myself all of the time.  Everything does happen for a reason and maybe it just wasn’t meant to be quite yet and maybe there’s something bigger for me out there.

What advice can you offer up-and-coming artists who are hustling just like you in this industry?

The best thing that I can say is, if you have a dream, never throw it away just because someone tells you that you can’t do it or someone tries to bring your down.  You can do anything that you put your mind to, you just have to go out there and do it and take chances.  You have to leave it all on the line and try your best every single time.  Your work ethic is one of the most important things.  This music business, it sucks to say, but it’s grimy.  You have to hustle to get into where you need to…when you’re hustling, you have to have a work ethic and you have to put in work.

How can fans support you?

You can go anywhere from iTunes to Amazon or my website,

Any last words for your fans?

I hope everyone is on board; I’ve been working really hard on this project.  I’m here for them and I hope they’re here for me!

Thank you for visiting the Dreamworld and I hope that Jonathas’ story has inspired everyone to keep pushing!  Check out this video of Jonathas singing Usher’s U Got it Bad onNBC’s The Voice and be sure to buy his new album, Numb!

I Haven’t Posted…

Hey folks!   Yes, I’m alive…yes I’m aware that my posts haven’t been coming through as frequently the past few days!  Well, “my bad!”  Rest assured, I’m going to be picking back up and getting in the groove again (I needed a mental break).  Thanks for your support and be on the lookout for something new in the next day or so!  Don’t forget, I have many great posts and interviews that are live on my site, including my interview with Mel Carter and Judi from the Bad Girls Club. Both were featured on Yahoo!
Love you guys!

Bad Girls Club, Judi the Voodoo Vixen, Opens Up for an Interview!!!

To all my Bad Girls Club and Love Games fans/viewers, here’s a treat just for you!  I had the opportunity to speak with Judi from BGC, Season 7 and she opens up to show her fans that there is a lot more to her, than what we’ve seen on television.  She goes into detail about her romance with Matt, what being on the Bad Girls Club has taught her and what’s in store for her future.  Of course, if you’ve seen Oxygen’s most intense series-to-date, you know that this show holds nothing back.  At times I can admit to cringing from the violence and the girl on girl cattiness because it’s nothing short of a public display of bullying, but in the end the girls are supposed to have grown from the experience.  Well, only time will tell if anyone actually comes away with a healthier perspective of reality and speaking with Judi was my chance to see what the Voodoo Vixen learned from her time in the Bad Girls Club house.  Check out what we talked about; you’re in for a treat!


A lot of times, especially with the newer shows like Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop, to me it seems a little scripted so you never know what’s true or what’s just for TV. As far as Love Games goes, just to put the rumors to rest, are you and Matt actually together? Was that real love?

Yeah, we’re still together!  No relationship is perfect, but it was real.  It wasn’t scripted at all!  Love Games nor Bad Girls Club was scripted.

I know it’s hard enough to have a relationship that’s behind closed doors, how do you make it work when millions of people can see your every move?

Well, we’re making it work…I can’t really say how, but we’re trying…(Me: Prayer?) It’s not easy…

The Judi on TV is crazy, likes to party, but what’s the Judi that we don’t see on TV…what’s Judi on a normal day without cameras?

I’m actually really cool and laid back.  I be chillin! I just don’t like people to mess with me….that’s it! I’m actually not a crazy person…I don’t wake up on 10 and go to sleep on 10!  I’m actually calm and respectful, I have common sense…I don’t just wake up drinking Mimosas and go to sleep drinking hot tea and vodka, I’m sober (lol).  People just think I’m out of my mind and have no common sense at all!  But really, I do and I’m actually really emotional and all the craziness and anger just comes from me being overly sensitive.

What do you think is the biggest life lesson that came out of you being on both shows?

On Bad Girls Club I pretty much learned that in the real streets, people are gonna hurt you if you torture them or mess with them.  You’re an adult now, you have to take responsibility for your actions…if you want to throw cereal on somebody, they will beat you up!  That’s what I’ve learned! You get what you give!  From Love Games I learned that you don’t always have to show out and act out to get attention.  On Love Games my role was kind of reserved and I was actually pretty quiet…that was the other two girls fighting, I kind of just chilled and sat back.  You don’t always have to be the loud one to make your point or to give people attention…just be yourself.  What’s that saying? The loudest one in the room is usually the most insecure and I just realized that.

As you weave your way through the industry, how will you begin to separate yourself from the image that you portrayed on the show? How will you become that serious business woman that people want to invest in?

On the Bad Girls Club I was 21 and I’m 23 now, so I mean age is nothing but a number, but with experience comes maturity.  Going through the BGC and things that I’ve been through in the last few years, I’ve come a long way.  I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I am growing and I think that’s all you can do…your actions speak louder than your words.  And I’m definitely not the same Judi throwing cereal and cussing everyone out…I do slip up and make my mistakes still til this day, but I’m more of a woman.

Looking back, if there’s one thing about your journey that you could change, what would it be?

I wouldn’t necessarily change anything, but there’s certain stuff that made the media and I would have chosen to not do that and I would have thought about it before I acted out.  I just realize there’s a time and a place for everything, but I don’t regret anything.  I would have handled myself better and more ladylike and mature in certain situations.

What are some of the long term goals you have for yourself, moving forward?

I really want to be a business woman and invest in my brand.  I’m the face of ME’YA Cosmetics! I love lipstick! I want to be a brand owner and a Video Jockey or a radio personality.  I want everything!  For Judi to be a household brand…sky’s the limit.  I also want to get married and have kids ( I giggle)…no, seriously, this is not a joke!

If you had to give yourself a self-assessment, would you say that you’re content on where you are?

I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m where I’m supposed to be.  There’s always progess, learning and advancing and every day is a new chance to make yourself better than yesterday.

What do you say to the younger girls that are impressionable and looked at all the stuff that happened on Bad Girls Club? How do you let them know that may not be the best way to handle a situation (fighting)?

Television is not somebody’s whole life…it’s just a snippet of an hour of what people may go through, but it may not make them.  So, do not base your life off of somebody else’s life because God has a path and a plan for everybody and your life is headed in the direction that God wants it to go…don’t be influenced by an hour of TV where for the other 24 hours you really don’t see what that person is really like.

How did you get the opportunity to be on TV?  You went to Colombia University, correct?

Yes, I went to Columbia!  I was always the party girl, the loud one…like let’s get it crackin’!  Me and my friends were watching Bad Girls Club one day and I remember thinking “ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I can do this!”  Like, let’s get drunk and talk smack to everybody, that is right up my alley (lol). I can be on this show! And everyone agreed…it was obvious that the girls on the show have been through stuff in their life and I have too, so my friends were like just try out.  An open casting session came to Chicago at a bar up north and I had no idea that I would make it.  It was literally  me up against 1500 girls…there were so many girls there! I just remember thinking, “I’m never gonna make it. Noway!”  And I did!  I beat out all those girls…it was so surreal when they flew me to LA for my final interview…that’s a moment that I will never forget. It was the most exciting moment in my life! I was 100% myself…they take party girls with issues (lol)!  I AM the Bad Girls Club!

For those looking to follow the same reality TV aspirations, how much work do you have to do to maintain your brand?  Is it difficult?

It is difficult.  You have idiots tweet you dumb stuff and call you all types of names, and since I’m in a relationship, you have people who judge that.  As much as you want to cuss them out and go H.A.M. on them (I’ve done that a couple times), you can’t.  You never know who’s following you…a big person may see me go off and they may not want to work with me…you have to pick your battles.  You also have to stay true to yourself…all people know is the Judi on TV, the Voodoo Vixen…they don’t know me, they don’t know Judith Jackson.  You want to go out to the club and be that girl from TV, but you can’t because people are watching…you do have to change!  I want to get ratchet, but I can’t.

Do you feel like there’s a sense of getting to a point where you will be yourself 100% regardless of what others think?

I was real on TV…that’s Judi all day!  They didn’t edit me in a different light.  But, I can’t go out and throw drinks in the club and lift my dress up, I have people looking at me.  I’m not on camera and people aren’t going to protect me.  I don’t have to be that destructive person.  A normal person can go to the club and get drunk and fall over, but if I do that it may end up on Mediatakeout and can be a whole different story like I was on drugs and that may not be the case.  It’s about being more mellow and being aware of your surroundings.

Do you have anyone in the industry that you look up to and want to work with?

I would love to work with LaLa, Rocsi from 106 & Park, and I would love to work with the Kardashians.  I think they flipped their mistake and made it into an empire.  I think that’s the smartest thing ever.

What’s one funny thing that people don’t know about the sober you, but it’s a big part of your character?

I really do talk to myself! I do smile when nothing is going on (lol).  When Matt is really serious, I laugh!  I don’t laugh cuz it’s funny, I laugh cuz “why are you so serious?” (lol).  People probably really do think I’m crazy!

How did you even come up with the whole Voodoo thing?  Is that real?

Yes! I’m really Creole and I’m from Louisiana, but my mother used to tell me stories.  I never practiced Voodoo, but her mother and my Grandma really do practice Voodoo.  The thing with Voodoo is, it’s just karma!  What you give out in this universe, you’re gonna get back.  I’m not afraid!  Treat people how you want to be treated.  I’m not crazy, I really know what I’m talking about.

How do you balance your relationship?  Matt seems like a laid back person and you’re more boisterous.

Me and Matt have way more in common than anyone knows.  He’s not mellow all the time and I’m not wild all the time.  It’s a relationship…I don’t think Matt would have dealt with me for so long if he wasn’t a goofy person or funny.  People just don’t know that because he’s actually really shy.  I’m just more outgoing and outspoken.  You guys can watch the Youtube videos from Mexico…

How do you want your fans to support you?

I have Twitter (JudiJaiKrazi) and my YouTube channel (JudiJaiTV)!  My fans are really interactive with me and unlike a lot of other celebs and reality stars, I actually talk back with my fans.

I think it’s great to see a different side of Judi, outside of what is seen on TV!  She was super sweet and hella funny!  Thanks for visiting the Dreamworld!

The Lessons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Well folks, did you learn anything THIS week?!?!  Of coooourse you didn’t!  Why?  Because that ish isn’t reaaal (hee hee)!  Regardless of the fakery, once again, I was able to snag some lessons that we could all learn from.  Check them out:

1.  If you name your kid “Stevie J,” #2 and #3 will more than likely define their path and they’ll look like this:

Aaaaaaand like this:

And bite you like THIS:

2.  If you got to therapy with your baby daddy and his side chic, you’ll have to watch him wipe sweat off of her nose.

3.  If your baby daddy’s side chic finds out he hasn’t been faithful to her either, your a$$ better bob and weave because she’s going to start swinging (something you should have done already)!

4.  If you do vagina exercises now, you will have that snapper in your 40’s that will cause a man to buy you diamonds after less than a month of dating (and all you have to buy him is a fake metal puzzle piece to carry around his neck)!

5.  Don’t ever be surprised when your ex drops a mixtape, has a release party, doesn’t invite you and instead brings his new jumpoff (after all, he did take his couches back when he moved out!).

6.  Being on a show called, “Love & Hip Hop” when you’re an R&B singer may offer some insight as to why you aren’t further along in your career (but we thank you for being such a great friend to everyone!).

7. Going to see a therapist that says, “WHAT THE HELLLL WAS THAT?!?!” or “Look at the bottom of your shoe…you’ve stepped in something again” may not be the best life choice lol.


The foolery has us entertained if nothing else…who knows why I subject myself to this madness.  Oh, wait…I know why…because it makes my life look somewhat normal lol!

What Can “Love & Hip Hop ATL” Teach YOU?!?!

The answer is simple…not a DAMN thing! Ok, ok, that was harsh, but seriously…this show CAN’T be real!  Of course, that’s because it’s NOT, but it does highlight some interesting things.  Check out what you can take away from this ratchet display of poor acting and fake plots:

1.  Don’t have babies unless you’re married or else you’ll end up like Mimi, chasing off a Spanish poodle who raps.

2.  If you’re going to pounce someone on the first date, don’t do it on national television like K. Michelle.

3.  Don’t trust anyone named Stevie J.

4.  If you date Benzino for a week, he will give you a key to his house and get you a huge meeting with one of the biggest label executives.

5.  Don’t hire your husband as your manager…if you do, you’re going to have to suffer through firing him!

6. If you date a rapper, he will leave you for his best friend and take his couches back when he moves out.


Sorry for the temporary insanity in posting about this crap…trust that my next post will be uplifting and inspirational!  We all need a little jokey-joke time in our lives (lol)!

Since Danity Kane, Where Has She Been? D. Woods Exclusive!

We all remember the climactic moments from Making the Band and despite the drama that spread within Danity Kane, we can’t help but miss seeing them on TV.  There’s no denying that each member brought something special to the table and stood out in their own right.  Do you ever wonder where they are or what they’re up to?  Well, I decided to find out for myself where they’re at…starting with a fan favorite, D. Woods; the booty, the beauty and the voice!  You’ll be happy to know that, not only is she still singing, but she has a new video and continues to push her way through the industry.

Born Wanita “D. Woods” Woodgett, she has always been a triple threat: singer, dancer and actress.  Hailing from California and Massachusetts, Woods relocated to Atlanta where she began attending performing arts school, Tri-Cities High School.  She would go on to continue building her technique at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and perfecting her acting abilities at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. If you thought that Danity Kane was her first run in the spotlight, you thought wrong.  D. Woods has performed as a background dancer for big names such as, Snoop Dogg, LeToya Luckett, Bow Wow and more.  After surviving the cut of Diddy’s Making the Band 3, the world got a glimpse of this special package on a much larger scale. The dynamic female group toured with powerhouse, Christina Aguilera and had two top selling albums (Danity Kane and Welcome to the Dollhouse) .  Despite the abrupt ending of an amazing group, D. Woods remains strong-rooted in her goals.  Read on to see what she has to say about life after the drama:

How has life, post reality T.V., been for you?

Even better!

What latest project(s) are you currently working on? Any exciting collaborations?

I have my label WOODGRANE ENTERTAINMENT and the first release, THE GRAY AREA EP which is on iTunes and other online retailers NOW. Go get It!

What motivates you to continue on your journey through this industry?

What motivates me is the little girl who dreamed of big things and stages and creativity that was/is, me. I can’t let her down.

What do you think is your God-given purpose in life?

Everyday I ask myself that and truthfully I believe that is the work of each person to find and redefine as they go through this world. I get a feeling of confirmation when Im doing something for GOD’s purpose that is undeniable so I keep search for that feeling.

What advice can you offer others, especially females, trying to make it in this industry?

Learn your craft and the business of your craft.

What is one funny/quirky thing about you that fans may not already know?

I’m a mermaid when I get in the water. I can stay on the beach in the water or the pool all day.

How can we show support, i.e. where can we buy your music, get the latest info on upcoming projects, etc.?

You can find THE GRAY AREA on iTunes or go to for all things D.Woods.

*I asked D. Woods a couple of questions regarding Danity Kane and this is what her publicist had to say:

Ms. Woods prefers not to answer questions in reference to her former label or group.

It’s nice to see her moving in a positive direction and not diving into the D.K. past.  The Dreamworld wishes her nothing but the best and if you want to show your support, make sure to visit iTunes and purchase The Gray Area!  Before you leave, check out her latest video, Foolish Dreamer:

Is Reality TV Rotting Our Brains?!?!

You might be wondering where my fascination with reality television stems from…then again, maybe you’re not, but I’m going to explain it anyway.   It all began with The Real World, making its debut in NYC. I often wondered, “Is this really a show?”  People really lived in a house? With seven strangers? To find out what happened when people stopped being polite and started getting real?  (FYI ALERT: Tami Roman, from Basketball Wives, got her first break on The Real World )  From there, it crossed over into my collegiate years; I became obsessed with America’s Next Top Model.  How could you NOT love seeing “everyday” girls get a chance to become a TOP MODEL? They went from bland to beautiful right in front of me (well, on TV)!  With my interest at full-peek, I started to branch out into other shows like Laguna Beach where I could see rich white kids driving around in a Benz to HIGHSCHOOL!  From that moment on, the madness crept into my life! The Bad Girls Club, Love and Hip-Hop, Basketball WivesReal Housewives (all cities), Keeping up with the Kardashians, etc.

It got out of control!  With violent shows like, The Bad Girls Club and Basketball Wives, I cringe and I feel so uneasy.  I really do FEEL the tension through the television!  It’s as if I support violence and bullying by watching another female on TV get jumped, slapped in the face, talked down to, called “bitch”, and most importantly being told that they aren’t “black enough”.  I couldn’t decide if it was all reality shows that made me feel this way or a select few, so I did a mini experiment to help clarify (internally) what was going on with me.  The first thing I did was cut back on reality TV and the second thing was to ask some family, friends, Facebook and Twitter what they thought.  I mean afterall, I couldn’t be the only person feeling this way right? Check out what others had to say:

Amaris’ Feedback:

What is the first thing you think of when you see two grown women fighting on national television?

First and foremost, TV is entertainment and the degree to which we engulf in these reality shows is merely our need to be amused…I think it is humorous and entertaining. That is something that I probably shouldn’t admit to, but the reality is this: the women on these shows are adults. They are aware that their actions and words will be displayed for the world to see and judge. They are conscious of entertainment and what it is to “stay” on a show and even possibly (if they are wild and crazy enough) get their own tv shows. That, along with money and attention, are their goals… I have respect for women with greater goals. Acting is an art, being a drama queen is not… So…as long as there are women out there willing to embarrass themselves and show their face in any light for that check…I guess there are women like me who will watch….and be amused.

Larry’s Feedback:

(1) As a man, what’s the main reason why you don’t indulge in such guilty pleasures? (2) What do you think of females that fight, especially on TV for the world to see?

1. Reality gives people a false sense of reality. Nothing protrayed on any reality TV show is the reality of the normal everyday person. False looks, false relationships, and other negative aspects of life are all that are protrayed on these trashy shows and it honestly is the downfall of positive productive thought. You cannot input such mindless garbage into your mind and not believe that it in some way does not effect your everyday thinking about life, love, or anything else for that matter.

2. Fighting, whether its for tv or not for anyone, is just not ok. Barring some sort of life threating experience to yourself or family; there is nothing anyone should be able to say to you that should make you use physical force to retailiate. Critical thinking is what separates us from animals and its only those who are mentally weak who find the need to physically attack another person. Everyone has had their weak moments where we have all slipped and got into a physical altercation, but as an adult no person should ever have the verbal capacity to make you come to blows because once you have thrown a punch you have already been mentally defeated and already have lost.

Sheena’s Feeback:

As a young professional and the head of a non-profit geared towards at-risk female teens, how do you think images on reality TV shape the minds of our young women and what damage do you think is being done (if any)?

I believe the images being portrayed on certain reality TV shows give young women a false sense of reality. The young women my organization works with are at a very impressionable age and unfortunately a lot of them have not made a clear distinction between their reality and reality TV…Which leads me to believe that in the wrong hands what’s portrayed on TV could be very detrimental to young women in our community…it’s not necessarily about what you watch, but about knowing the difference from someone else’s life versus your own. Putting emphasis on conflict resolution methods that teach young women how to handle the situations they see on TV, in their own lives. While being cognizant of the fact that every action has a reaction, so we clearly think through the decisions we make. Thus becoming accountable for the choices we decide to make as individuals. Essentially, just because you’ve seen it on TV doesn’t make it right.

Tabby’s Feedback:

How do you think reality television is hindering AND/OR helping our youth?

It always amazes me how quickly society forms an opinion of an ENTIRE group – race, age, genre or, in this case, television show…TV shows on Animal Planet, The History Channel, The Food Network, HGTV and many others are, in MY opinion, Reality TV…Unfortunately, however, once MTV served up an appetizer of “real” lies, deceit, sex and violence known as ‘The Real World,’ America’s appetite for drama and thirst for more grew beyond control…In the talk show age, for every Oprah there was a Jerry, for every Donohue there was a Maury The language, violence, sex and drama have a numbing effect that redefines what is the norm for our youth. As a teen, if we’re friends, the Kardashians have taught me the b-word is a pet name for my loved ones…  Jersey Shore taught me that sex is no longer a sacred act reserved for someone I love but the new after-party activity with people whose name I can’t even remember… RHONJ taught me that if I don’t like you, it’s ok to run your name through the mud to whoever will listen… *Insert super star searching for love* taught me that moving in with someone I barely know will not only help me figure out whether he/she is “the one” but defined “the one” as whoever had the tiniest clothes and showed potential to give it up quicker than others…As a mother with a 5 year old daughter, this trash is NEVER on my child’s “TV dinner” menu because I believe there’s a maturity level required and I’m far too busy focusing on her learning tools…Bottomline: it’s up to the parents (not the television) to raise their child.

I posed the question on my Facebook and Twitter pages, “Do you think reality TV rots our brains?” and here are some of the responses I got back:

Yes, but it doesn’t mean im going to stop watching. Those real housewives crack me up haha ~Sapna

Not only does it rot brains, but it becomes the guideline for some peoples’ lives, they try to act, and look just like these reality stars ~Delonte

If someone has a brain they never watch reality shows. ~Charlie aka Dad

Yes I do…everyone wants fame because it’s so accessible,people should always strive for talent not fame.Be talented & fame will come! ~Lead Singer of The Electric Barbarellas

So, after hearing what others had to say, I’ve concluded that I’m not the only one who thinks about the damages that reality shows do to the brain, but I was also able to understand that uneasy feeling inside of me.  I agree that not all shows are bad!  I can see singers chasing their dreams on American Idol or chefs showing off their skills on Top Chef.  I don’t have to watch bullies and violence and quite frankly I don’t think I should.  What we put into our mind eventually comes out in our thoughts, words and actions!  It’s safe to say that I am much more aware of the negative effects the “bad apples” can have on not only me, but society as well.

As you depart from the Dreamworld, check out what Shaunie, executive producer of Basketball Wives had to say regarding bullying on her show: