Ashanti’s Choreographer, Brice D. Vick, Shares His Dancing Success!

Always having a love for expression through movement, Brice D. Vick has fought his way to the top and through a very rigorous dance industry.  So many dancers are born and compete for that one shot every day, but not many are lucky enough to actually reach their goal of stardom.  Brice was discovered by a talent scout who was on a search to find the right person to choreograph an upcoming United Colors of Benetton commercial.  After having  a successful run with the company, he was soon discovered by top recording artist, Ashanti, and took on the role as her sole choreographer.  Like most success stories go, Vick’s talent also caught the attention of power houses such as:  Beyonce, R. Kelly, Christina Aguilera, 50 Cent, Lauryn Hill, Chris Brown and so many others.


Hailing from Queens, New York (my birthplace!), his dance ability bloomed while attending the Bernice Johnson Dance Studio.  Brice D. Vick was also trained at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, The Dance Theater of Harlem and the Alvin Ailey School of American Dance (wow!).  His journey has afforded him the opportunity to work with greats such as Debbie Allen and David Robertson.  If you think his story is inspiring, you are not alone!  I was able to pick his brain and find out what pushed him to fight so hard for his place in the industry, how you can get there and what latest projects he has in store.



What is the hardest thing you’ve had to endure throughout your career?

My mother getting diagnosed with congestive heart failure; I was in the height of my career. I had just finished working with Beyonce’ and I was working with Ashanti on the Concrete Rose album for her video “Only You” in addition to being selected the Artistic Director for Pop Starz, Inc. ( a professional dance company geared for children).  I got the call that my mother wouldn’t make it and I had to drop everything.


What advice can you offer up-and-coming choreographers who aren’t seeing success and feel like giving up?

If they feel that they need to give up, then that is not your calling. I would suggest that they create their own opportunities, produce their own events, create their own name by teaming up with local companies to showcase their talent.


What is your ultimate career goal?

To help preserve our future.  To me, that means helping children stay healthy, both mentally and physically. If we don’t look out for our youth, imagine a world without them..there isn’t one.


How have you managed to build your brand so well that power houses such as Ashanti and Beyonce trust you to work for/with them?

By hard work, determination and being talented. God doesn’t deny talent. When it’s your time to shine, it’s your time to shine! Choreography is what I love and when you are passionate about something and you invest time and energy, you cannot fail.


What advice would you offer the “younger you” knowing what you do about the industry thus far?

Run as fast as you can! LOL. No, I’m joking. I would say just to remain humble and know that in this industry, you must pay your dues. Every gig is an opportunity to show your talent and what you have to offer, regardless if it is paid or not. Also, no matter what comes my way, I can’t quit.


What artist have you always wanted to work with and haven’t yet?

Sting because I’ve always loved his music. With his style and mine, I think we would create the ultimate masterpiece. I believe he would allow me a lot of space to be creative.


What’s one funny/quirky thing that others don’t know about you?

I have to have my security blanket everywhere I go. I travel with it when I’m overseas. Also, I am a huge prankster.


What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

I am releasing a children’s DVD called “Hip Hop For Health”, it is a fun and interactive way for children to learn the benefits of exercise and taking care of their bodies by incorporating hip hop music and moves.

Be sure to support Brice D. Vick’s new children’s DVD when it comes out!  Making sure our kids are healthy is key!  I hope this has been helpful for all aspiring dancers out there.  Thank you for visiting the Dreamworld; come back often!

Since Danity Kane, Where Has She Been? D. Woods Exclusive!

We all remember the climactic moments from Making the Band and despite the drama that spread within Danity Kane, we can’t help but miss seeing them on TV.  There’s no denying that each member brought something special to the table and stood out in their own right.  Do you ever wonder where they are or what they’re up to?  Well, I decided to find out for myself where they’re at…starting with a fan favorite, D. Woods; the booty, the beauty and the voice!  You’ll be happy to know that, not only is she still singing, but she has a new video and continues to push her way through the industry.

Born Wanita “D. Woods” Woodgett, she has always been a triple threat: singer, dancer and actress.  Hailing from California and Massachusetts, Woods relocated to Atlanta where she began attending performing arts school, Tri-Cities High School.  She would go on to continue building her technique at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and perfecting her acting abilities at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. If you thought that Danity Kane was her first run in the spotlight, you thought wrong.  D. Woods has performed as a background dancer for big names such as, Snoop Dogg, LeToya Luckett, Bow Wow and more.  After surviving the cut of Diddy’s Making the Band 3, the world got a glimpse of this special package on a much larger scale. The dynamic female group toured with powerhouse, Christina Aguilera and had two top selling albums (Danity Kane and Welcome to the Dollhouse) .  Despite the abrupt ending of an amazing group, D. Woods remains strong-rooted in her goals.  Read on to see what she has to say about life after the drama:

How has life, post reality T.V., been for you?

Even better!

What latest project(s) are you currently working on? Any exciting collaborations?

I have my label WOODGRANE ENTERTAINMENT and the first release, THE GRAY AREA EP which is on iTunes and other online retailers NOW. Go get It!

What motivates you to continue on your journey through this industry?

What motivates me is the little girl who dreamed of big things and stages and creativity that was/is, me. I can’t let her down.

What do you think is your God-given purpose in life?

Everyday I ask myself that and truthfully I believe that is the work of each person to find and redefine as they go through this world. I get a feeling of confirmation when Im doing something for GOD’s purpose that is undeniable so I keep search for that feeling.

What advice can you offer others, especially females, trying to make it in this industry?

Learn your craft and the business of your craft.

What is one funny/quirky thing about you that fans may not already know?

I’m a mermaid when I get in the water. I can stay on the beach in the water or the pool all day.

How can we show support, i.e. where can we buy your music, get the latest info on upcoming projects, etc.?

You can find THE GRAY AREA on iTunes or go to for all things D.Woods.

*I asked D. Woods a couple of questions regarding Danity Kane and this is what her publicist had to say:

Ms. Woods prefers not to answer questions in reference to her former label or group.

It’s nice to see her moving in a positive direction and not diving into the D.K. past.  The Dreamworld wishes her nothing but the best and if you want to show your support, make sure to visit iTunes and purchase The Gray Area!  Before you leave, check out her latest video, Foolish Dreamer: