Do Ratchet Shows Give the Black Community a Bad Rep?

I’ve always wondered what keeps me glued to the television when shows like Love & Hip Hop come on.  To be honest, the fights make me cringe, the bullying makes my blood boil, the men who dog the ladies out make me roll my eyes…all in all, my blood pressure shoots up.  So, whyyyy do I put myself through it? I’ve figured it out and it’s for a couple of reasons.  The first reason being, it’s comforting to see how I DON’T want to live.  Did that make sense?  Let me break it down a little bit.  When I see the women fighting, I know I don’t want that to be me.  When I see the women dealing with these men who are no good, I see what I want to avoid.  When I see these grown folks unable to speak articulately, it makes me read a book (lol).  The other reason, is simple…it’s entertaining.  Maybe that makes me a hypocrite because the very reasons that make me hate the show, are the same reasons that also keep me watching.

One thing I know for sure, reality television should not be a representation of an entire community!  I see the same ratchet behavior when I watch The Real Housewives of Orange County and Beverly Hills.  There are lessons to be learned by some of the stuff we see, but overall…it’s just TV!

*Video* Love & Hip-Hop’s Tahiry Jose: “Devil” ft. Styles P and Uncle Murda! [The Reasons Why I Hate It]



I NEVER rip people on my site because this is a place to spread good news, great stories of success, interviews, music and more.  However, I think it’s a disgrace when people try and “drop” some music or a video just because they’ve reached reality television fame.  This industry has taken a turn for the worse and the artists who are TRULY talented and take their craft seriously, should be offended that videos like “Devil” even make it into production.

Tahiry is so beautiful, but let’s face it…music is not her strong point.  The video is horrible, her voice sounds bad and her body is bangin’, but the clothes were very unflattering.  Her management team SHOULD have done a better job with making sure the song was mixed better and coming up with a better video, PERIOD.  I see artists on my site, in my email, on Twitter, etc. wanting me to feature their music, wanting me to spread the word and they are SO talented, yet they never get that big shot to make it in the music world.  I feature as many up-and-coming artists as I can, without flooding my site with just music, but Tahiry may have just sparked a long stream of new/undiscovered artists on my site, just so I feel better about putting this whack video on here.

I hate to be so blunt, because I believe everyone should follow their dreams, but I will call a fraud when I see one.  I come in contact with too many gifted musicians to let this slide.  Check it out for yourself:

Erica Mena “Where Do I Go From Here”



If you watched the latest episode of Love & Hip-Hop then you heard a snippet of Erica Mena’s ballad, Where Do I Go From Here.  She’s taking her shot at singing (ummm…ok).  Here’s the full version, let the Dreamworld know what you think!

The Lessons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Well folks, did you learn anything THIS week?!?!  Of coooourse you didn’t!  Why?  Because that ish isn’t reaaal (hee hee)!  Regardless of the fakery, once again, I was able to snag some lessons that we could all learn from.  Check them out:

1.  If you name your kid “Stevie J,” #2 and #3 will more than likely define their path and they’ll look like this:

Aaaaaaand like this:

And bite you like THIS:

2.  If you got to therapy with your baby daddy and his side chic, you’ll have to watch him wipe sweat off of her nose.

3.  If your baby daddy’s side chic finds out he hasn’t been faithful to her either, your a$$ better bob and weave because she’s going to start swinging (something you should have done already)!

4.  If you do vagina exercises now, you will have that snapper in your 40’s that will cause a man to buy you diamonds after less than a month of dating (and all you have to buy him is a fake metal puzzle piece to carry around his neck)!

5.  Don’t ever be surprised when your ex drops a mixtape, has a release party, doesn’t invite you and instead brings his new jumpoff (after all, he did take his couches back when he moved out!).

6.  Being on a show called, “Love & Hip Hop” when you’re an R&B singer may offer some insight as to why you aren’t further along in your career (but we thank you for being such a great friend to everyone!).

7. Going to see a therapist that says, “WHAT THE HELLLL WAS THAT?!?!” or “Look at the bottom of your shoe…you’ve stepped in something again” may not be the best life choice lol.


The foolery has us entertained if nothing else…who knows why I subject myself to this madness.  Oh, wait…I know why…because it makes my life look somewhat normal lol!

What Can “Love & Hip Hop ATL” Teach YOU?!?!

The answer is simple…not a DAMN thing! Ok, ok, that was harsh, but seriously…this show CAN’T be real!  Of course, that’s because it’s NOT, but it does highlight some interesting things.  Check out what you can take away from this ratchet display of poor acting and fake plots:

1.  Don’t have babies unless you’re married or else you’ll end up like Mimi, chasing off a Spanish poodle who raps.

2.  If you’re going to pounce someone on the first date, don’t do it on national television like K. Michelle.

3.  Don’t trust anyone named Stevie J.

4.  If you date Benzino for a week, he will give you a key to his house and get you a huge meeting with one of the biggest label executives.

5.  Don’t hire your husband as your manager…if you do, you’re going to have to suffer through firing him!

6. If you date a rapper, he will leave you for his best friend and take his couches back when he moves out.


Sorry for the temporary insanity in posting about this crap…trust that my next post will be uplifting and inspirational!  We all need a little jokey-joke time in our lives (lol)!