*Video* Love & Hip-Hop’s Tahiry Jose: “Devil” ft. Styles P and Uncle Murda! [The Reasons Why I Hate It]

Source: Allhiphop.com

Source: Allhiphop.com

I NEVER rip people on my site because this is a place to spread good news, great stories of success, interviews, music and more.  However, I think it’s a disgrace when people try and “drop” some music or a video just because they’ve reached reality television fame.  This industry has taken a turn for the worse and the artists who are TRULY talented and take their craft seriously, should be offended that videos like “Devil” even make it into production.

Tahiry is so beautiful, but let’s face it…music is not her strong point.  The video is horrible, her voice sounds bad and her body is bangin’, but the clothes were very unflattering.  Her management team SHOULD have done a better job with making sure the song was mixed better and coming up with a better video, PERIOD.  I see artists on my site, in my email, on Twitter, etc. wanting me to feature their music, wanting me to spread the word and they are SO talented, yet they never get that big shot to make it in the music world.  I feature as many up-and-coming artists as I can, without flooding my site with just music, but Tahiry may have just sparked a long stream of new/undiscovered artists on my site, just so I feel better about putting this whack video on here.

I hate to be so blunt, because I believe everyone should follow their dreams, but I will call a fraud when I see one.  I come in contact with too many gifted musicians to let this slide.  Check it out for yourself:

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