Odell Beckham Jr. for GQ

Source: GQ.com

He’s known as the electric wide receiver for NFL’s New York Giants.  On the field, he steals the show and not just because of his athletic abilities.  The ladies seem to love OBJ!  Continue reading

Life In Prison At The Age Of 25


What seemed like a never-ending judicial process, a verdict has finally been reached in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial.  Once a star athlete, making millions as a talented NFL player for the New England Patriots, he is now a convicted murderer serving life in prison.  Continue reading

Are the New England Patriots Cheating…Again?


Being an Eagles fan, I have much anger towards the New England Patriots and their cheating ways.  As many know, they’ve been under fire since being suspected of spying on other NFL teams, which essentially allowed them to know and anticipate their opponent’s play calling.

In their recent 45-7 win against the Indianapolis Colts, more fuel is being added to an already burning fire.  There is an ingoing investigation against the Patriots in which 11 of 12 footballs were not inflated to the league standard during their AFC Championship victory.  Having under inflated footballs, allows for better gripping and alters its path in-air. 

It should be interesting to see this story unfold.  Is it fair for them to advance at this point?

Have You Ever Been Told You’re Not Black Enough?

Source: Google Image

Source: Google Image

In 2014, Black people are still being told they’re not Black enough.   Recently,  Bleacher Report released an article in which they accused teammates of Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback,  Russell Wilson, of saying he wasnt Black enough.  Whether this story is true or false, it’s really sad that an issue like this is still relevant.

On a personal note, I’ve always been told that I talk white and that I’m not Black enough.  Growing up, it caused many internal complexes and a huge identity crisis.  As I got older, I realized that it was pure ignorance to question someone’s race.  I now understand that I am a well spoken,  educated and driven Black and Puerto Rican woman.

As this issue made more traction, former NBA player, Charles Barkley, spoke out in a recent interview for WIP radio in Philly.   Here’s what he had to say:

There are a lot of black people who are unintelligent, who don’t have success––it’s best to knock a successful black person down if they’re intelligent, they speak well, they do well in school, and they’re successful…

Barkley also expressed more opinions on TNT’s Inside the NBA:

What I said was, it’s a dirty secret in the black community unless you’re a thug or got a criminal record or just a jackass, some people don’t think you’re black enough…It’s a dirty little secret in our community. I want black kids [to know] we can be strong, intelligent. We just tell kids if you’re doing good in school, you’re acting white. If you speak intelligently, you’re acting white… That’s one of the reasons we as a group, us black people, are struggling. We don’t have great respect for each eachother.

Let’s get it together people!

Is Richard Sherman Ignorant or Confident?

Not sure what to think of Sherman’s latest rant, but I’m thinking he’s walking a fine line between ignorant and confident.  Whether you are an elite athlete, lawyer, doctor, writer, etc. professionalism goes a long way. If you have something to address, do it professionally and take your brand into consideration.  Check out his interview on First Take where Sherman verbally addresses Skip Bayless:

E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Phillyfandom.com

Source: Phillyfandom.com

Yes indeed, I am a die-hard EAGLES fan!  That means, the Redskins suck, the Giants are fluke winners and the Cowboys are some bitches in my book and I will NEVER cheer for them!  I question a man who cheers for Dallas and I will kick a girl’s ass for cheering for Dallas just because the guys she’s dating is a fan.  I BLEED green and I always will!  I am from PHILLY and rep for my team all-year ’round.  I defend my Eagles and am proud to break out in song when they score (FLYYYY EAGLES FLYYYYY)!

So, now that we are all caught up on which NFL team I root for, it’s time to address all of you bandwagon/division haters out there.  Plain and simple, we were the only team from our division who experienced a playoff game this season and WE ARE the NFC East Champions!  What does this mean?  While your butt was on the couch watching OUR playoff game, you were trying to think of something clever to say in case we didn’t win.  It means that you were all in hiding while we went on to become 10-6 and didn’t resurface until you saw the Saints beat us by 2 points last night.  I am PROUD of my team and when we DO win a Superbowl (because it’s going to happen soon), I want all of you haters to unite so we can give you a stiff middle finger all at once!

CONGRATS to by BIRDS for a great season!!!!!!!!!!!  Keep on flying!!!!

“Before there was RG3, the NFL had RC1…” Randall Cunningham Reflects

Source: eagleone.me

Source: eagleone.me

Back in the day, I loved me some Randall Cunningham and even got him to sign his rookie card, which I still have by the way.  The #12 was my favorite as a young Eagles fan.  Those days of watching him play are long gone now, but NFL.com got him to sit down for an interview, to reflect on his career.  He’s now a pastor of a church in Las Vegas and recently turned 50 (hello, my fellow Aries)!  Even RG3 has a connection with #12 as his dad was a huge fan!  NFL.com reports:

So take a seat, kids. Put down your phones and listen up: A few decades ago, there played a quarterback who never made it to a Super Bowl and never made it to the Hall of Fame — but whose ability as a dual-threat signal-caller foreshadowed the trends shaping today’s game. His fingerprints are everywhere.

Sure, Roger Staubach was an amazing athlete as a quarterback. Yes, Bobby Douglass set a long-standing record for a running QB, notching 968 yards on the ground in 1972. True, Steve Young had legs that merited the respect of defenders.

But Cunningham … Cunningham was different. And today’s quarterbacks know it.

“My dad loved watching Cunningham, so when I decided to play football, all we did was watch his highlights,” Robert Griffin III said Tuesday. “We’d watch how well he moved in the pocket to avoid defenders and make plays — not just with his legs, but with his arm. He was one of the first true game-changers the league saw…”

“I’m so proud to see that I went through an era when it wasn’t popular to be an African-American quarterback,” Cunningham said. “Then, to see how things have turned around. It’s not about the African-American quarterback. It’s about the quarterback who has an ability to do everything.”

Check out his full interview and video on NFL.com by clicking the link below:

NFL.com Interviews Former QB, Randall Cunningham

If You Love Football Then You Know Hugh Douglas!

I do so many posts about people in the music and acting industry, so it’s time for me to switch it up a bit and do something for us sports junkies out there!  I mean, after all…football season is amongst us!  I know that there is some little boy who wants to make it into the NFL, but may not know where to start or understand what could make him a potential professional player.  What better way to get any of this information than to reach out to someone who’s been there and who’s done that?!  I had the pleasure of picking the brain of the eccentric, Hugh Douglas.

Born in Ohio and a Central State University alum (also a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.), Hugh is a former NFL player who’s made his way around the league with the Eagles (oh yeah!), Jets and Jaguars.  This powerhouse was a first round draft choice of the Jets in 1995 and a 3-time Pro Bowl selection.  In 1998 Douglas was traded to the Eagles where he would play for 5 years before moving on to the Jaguars.  Re-signing with the Eagles, he was later cut before the start of the 2005 season.  You can still see Douglas as a sports analyst for ESPN.  He’s straight and to the point, but he has some good tips for young men making their way into the league!

Which team was your favorite and why (you better say the Eagles lol)?
As a matter of fact it was the Pittsburgh Steelers.. I was a fan of Mean Joe Green!

What’s a big thing young athletes need to be cautious/aware of before entering the NFL?
That everyone is watching you now. You have to learn how to conduct yourself in public.

What was the transition from NFL player to front office employee like?
It was a little different.  Now you’re not one of the guys anymore, you’re management .. And everyone watches what they say when they are around you. But after awhile it was cool.

What do you say to the young athlete who has all the skills, but a bad attitude?
You need to get it together son!! Just because you have the skills doesn’t always mean you make it. You should be humble at all times

Speak to the young guys dreaming of an NFL career, what’s their first step in making their dreams come true?
Work hard . Get good grades and stay humble.

What do you miss most about playing?

What major differences do you see between the players you played with versus the young players now?
More players now are sensitive to what people say about them. If you don’t like it don’t read the paper!!

If there was one thing that you could do differently throughout your whole career, what would it be?
One thing…I would have never went to Jacksonville.

They say fame and money change people, how did you manage to remain grounded?  Did your friends/family begin to treat you differently once you reached success?
Football never defined me as a person .. It was just a job

What’s one funny/quirky thing fans may not know about you?
Hmmmmm. I’m really shy!

I don’t think you’re really shy, but thanks for visiting the Dreamworld and keeping it real. It’s always great to have fun guests who are willing to be completely honest!

Get Inside the Mind of Terrell Owens’ Personal Assistant, Adrienne Williams

At some point, we have all wondered what it would be like to work with someone famous.  What are they like in real life? How would we even get the opportunity to get that close? Do I have what it takes to work side by side with a celebrity?  Well, I have the perfect person who can help answer all of these questions and more!  Meet Adrienne Williams!  She is beautiful, successful and more importantly, she is driven!  She went from being the Director of Operations at a staffing agency, where the owner had recently had a baby and needed Adrienne to run personal errands for her, to being the personal assistant of NFL star, Terrell Owens.  I’d say that’s a pretty decent upgrade!  Her work experience allowed her to realize a couple of things: she likes the freedom of working from home (not in an office) and she is good at what she does.  A lot of people dream big and want to be in front of the camera, but there are some career paths that most don’t even think about; let’s see what life is like working for T.O.!

Were you nervous when you first knew you’d be working for T.O.?

Honestly, I wasn’t really nervous because I knew how badly I wanted the job and knew that once I got an interview, I could get the job.  I had a custom t-shirt from his website made with a message on it and sent it directly to him at the Bills’ practice facility. I wanted this job and I was going to do whatever it took to stand out. I got a call the very next day!

What advice would you offer someone who is looking to be a celebrity assistant?

Know that it’s not all glitz and glamour.  Being a celebrity assistant is a lot of hard work, long hours and very little down time.  While there are obvious perks to the job (sporting events, parties, gifting suite swag, etc.), it is a 24/7 commitment. I’m always on-call.

How hard is your job? Do you have a personal life anymore?

It’s a balancing act.  Terrell consumes a large part of my life right now but this is what I signed up for.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I work hard but I play hard too.  When he leaves, it gives me a little more freedom to catch up with friends for lunch or dinner but I always make sure that I’m handling my business.  You will often times find me with my BlackBerry in one hand and iPhone in the other. But hey whatever it takes!

What is your ultimate career goal?

I would love to continue working in the sports industry.  I’m a huge football and basketball fan so this has been perfect for me.  I would eventually like to run my own personal assistant/concierge agency geared specifically to athletes.  It takes a great deal of trust to give someone complete and total access to your life’s details and I think athletes could benefit from a “one-stop shop” for their life management needs.

How is it working for T.O. (he seems like a really nice guy btw)?

It was definitely intimidating in the beginning. Terrell is a pretty quiet person believe it or not so it took some time for him to warm up to me.  Right around the time I was coming up to the one-year mark, we were headed to Cincinnati and I think that was the turning point in our working relationship. He jokes around with me all the time and we talk about everything under the sun.  At the end of the day though, he’s still the boss and I have to respect that. You can never get too comfortable!

For the ladies out there looking to work with male celebrities, how important is it to be professional at all times and not be “that girl” who is attracted to their boss (assuming he’s attractive)?

I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep it professional and strictly platonic.  It sounds cliche but you really shouldn’t mix business with pleasure.  While it’s nice to have some eye candy to look at on a daily basis, you have to look at the big picture and know what your purpose is in this person’s life.  Stay in your lane.  You’ll earn so much more respect that way.

What do you think makes you so successful at your job?

I am a people pleaser by nature so this job was a really good fit for me.  I put Terrell’s needs ahead of my own a lot of the time but that’s what he pays me to do…to be his right-hand.  I also recognize that there is no set list of responsibilities. I have done everything from relocation from one city to another to taking out the trash to filming his workouts and everything in between.  People ask me all the time “What exactly do you do for him?”  The question is what DON’T I do? I have done it all! You just have to put a smile on your face and get things done.

Did you have to relocate for the position? If not, is that something that potential candidates would have to consider when entering into this career field?

I did have to relocate to Buffalo when I was first hired.  Part of the deal with becoming one of two finalists for this job was that you had to pack as if you weren’t going back home because the person who got the job had to start training immediately.  I mean trust me, I never imagined myself living in Buffalo but if it meant getting the opportunity to work for one of the greatest NFL players our generation has known, then so be it.  I definitely think your chances of landing a personal assistant position increase when you open yourself up to relocation.

What’s the funniest/most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on the job?

Oh my gosh! Right after Terrell and I arrived in Cincinnati for the season, we went to see Andy Roddick play in a tournament. I was super excited because this was the very first time Terrell and I had been to an event together.  This being my first tennis match, I’m just looking around, taking in the whole scene.  All of a sudden, they start the Kiss Cam.  I sat there thinking “Omg, they’re going to show us…please don’t show us…”  Sure enough, about 3 couples in, guess who’s on the Jumbotron…Terrell and I!  I played it off and just shook my head like nope, not going to happen. He was such a good sport…just shrugged and laughed it off.  The funniest part of the whole thing was that the match was televised and people started tweeting Terrell asking him why “that girl” next to him wouldn’t kiss him. Talk about embarrassing!

The perks of being a blogger is that you can interact with so many people from all over and in many industries!  Adrienne, by far, has been one of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing and seems very down to earth.  The Dreamworld wishes you MUCH success…T.O. has hit the jackpot with you!  I hope this encourages my readers to think outside of the box and remember that no task is ever too small…a humble beginning can lead to a very rewarding future.