E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Phillyfandom.com

Source: Phillyfandom.com

Yes indeed, I am a die-hard EAGLES fan!  That means, the Redskins suck, the Giants are fluke winners and the Cowboys are some bitches in my book and I will NEVER cheer for them!  I question a man who cheers for Dallas and I will kick a girl’s ass for cheering for Dallas just because the guys she’s dating is a fan.  I BLEED green and I always will!  I am from PHILLY and rep for my team all-year ’round.  I defend my Eagles and am proud to break out in song when they score (FLYYYY EAGLES FLYYYYY)!

So, now that we are all caught up on which NFL team I root for, it’s time to address all of you bandwagon/division haters out there.  Plain and simple, we were the only team from our division who experienced a playoff game this season and WE ARE the NFC East Champions!  What does this mean?  While your butt was on the couch watching OUR playoff game, you were trying to think of something clever to say in case we didn’t win.  It means that you were all in hiding while we went on to become 10-6 and didn’t resurface until you saw the Saints beat us by 2 points last night.  I am PROUD of my team and when we DO win a Superbowl (because it’s going to happen soon), I want all of you haters to unite so we can give you a stiff middle finger all at once!

CONGRATS to by BIRDS for a great season!!!!!!!!!!!  Keep on flying!!!!

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