Odell Beckham Jr. for GQ

Source: GQ.com

He’s known as the electric wide receiver for NFL’s New York Giants.  On the field, he steals the show and not just because of his athletic abilities.  The ladies seem to love OBJ! 

He recently sat down for an interview with GQ’s Devin Gordon where he dishes on Khloé Kardashian, tensions between he and Josh Norman, and house-sitting for Drake.  The article is also filled with timeless fashion photos that are quite pleasing to the eye.

Source: GQ.com

Beckham explains:

It’s about being rougher than you ever really thought you had to be…Losing people you were close to for reasons that are nothing more than they’re not doing anything to better you…


To read the full article click here.

Source: GQ.com

Source: GQ.com

Source: GQ.com

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