How Social Media Replaced The Woman’s Intuition!

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I know he’s cheating…I can just feel it!  This used to be how women expressed their reasoning when they thought their significant other was being unfaithful.  It was a feeling, intuition, something that could be FELT in the pit of their stomachs.  Nowadays…chile please!  Social media IS a woman’s intuition.

Men already think that most women were secretly trained by the CIA during a covert operation to ruin their polygamist mindset.  But really, we/they were just given the gift of a very strong intuition.  Because women are known to be more emotionally connected to their partner, it really is just a feeling that we get sometimes when we think we are being cheated on or lied to.  Social media is similar to our natural gift, only it was designed by man…and by “man” I mean mankind.

What women used to have to search far and wide for is now at their fingertips.  All of the answers are a scroll and/or click away.  Social media gives women an enormous amount of access to photos, convos, comments and picture/status likes that sometimes catch their lover in a lie, uncover the beginnings of a flirtatious relationship, prove justified intuitions, and/or confirm that it isn’t just a creative imagination.  The world is now a full-access melting pot!  A false sense of power?  Not at all.  Just one more step closer to completing the mission that men already thing we are being trained for.

Happy clicking!


Daniella Sig

A Letter To The Younger Me…

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In life, there will be plenty of things that will happen that you may not be proud of.  Things that you’d give anything to take back or to do over.  There will be moments where you’re embarrassed or ashamed.  But it won’t all be bad…these are just the things that may interrupt your seasons of happiness and joy.  Something that you should keep close to your heart and always on your mind is to never give up on yourself.  Keep smiling and spreading love around the world.  Travel.  See how other cultures exist on the same planet.  Pray.  Pray every single day.  Be thankful and never greedy…trust me!  Never care what others say; you will define the mark you make on this world.

There’s this thing you’ll experience called, LOVE.  It will knock you down, it will make you laugh, cry, cringe, hope, fear and go crazy.  But it’s worth it.  Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and the one true healing power across nations.  Never stop loving and never stop believing in it…no matter what.

When you get tired or think you’ve hit rock bottom, just remember that you haven’t yet and there will be more twists and turns waiting for you.  When you fall, be sure to always get back up.  Life may seem scary, but it’s the best gift that we will ever receive.

Here’s the most important piece of advice in this letter…are you ready for it?  One day you’re going to wake up and you’ll FEEL different.  You will think to yourself, I want it all.  When this happens, recognize it and keep that feeling close to you for the rest of your life.  This is what I like to call…your DREAM.  Many will have one, or maybe a few, but not everyone will follow it.  Follow your dream(s).  Never settle and above all, be proud of yourself.


Daniella Sig

What The VMA’s Really Mean!


If you tuned in to watch MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMA’s) then you witnessed nothing short of an absolute freak show.  With more talking than performances, viewers may have been left in shock and to wonder what MTV has evolved into.

Did you cringe at Miley Cyrus’ weird costume changes or her drag performance (she actually had the best performance if you ask me)?  Did you hold your breath when Nicki aggressively called Miley out for trashing her in the media? Or did you nod in agreement during Kanye West’s faux 2020 Presidential announcement?

Whatever it was that caught your attention, there’s one thing to remember…you shouldn’t lose sleep over any of it!  Many people were up in arms about racial implications and complained that Miley used black folks as props.  If you’re reading into this that deeply, I encourage you to take a deep breath and not watch next year.

As trivial as the show was, I did agree with Kanye’s message regarding artists being judged in pointless award shows.  He made some awesome points about how artists shouldn’t be placed on the chopping block with the possibility of being named a loser.  It was also refreshing to see some bold references made about the black lives matter movement.

So, what do the VMA’s really mean?   Not enough to wake up angry the next day. 

Bobbi Kristina Passes Away At The Age Of 22


According to TMZ reports,  the daughter of the late Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, has passed at at the age of 22.  For months,  Bobbi Kristina has been in a medically induced coma since being found unconscious in a bathtub at her Atlanta home.

The family had prayed and hoped for the best,  but unfortunately, Bobbi had been under water for too long, with very little chance of regaining consciousness.

Bobbi Kristina’s death was eerily similar to how her mother died and the family has experienced so much suffering over the past few years.  There is an investigation underway and former boyfriend, Nick Gordon has been named as the prime suspect.

May God bless the Houston and Brown families during this difficult time.

Peace to Necole Bitchie!

When people ask me why I started blogging,  how I got into it,  which bloggers inspire me,  I always had one person in mind.  Necole Bitchie has been my only inspiration.  I was an English major in college,  loved writing, but never knew what blogging was.  One day I decided to started my own site and learned by trial and error.

I thought that in order to have a successful blog site,  I had to only write about gossip.  I have always struggled with writing about what sells versus what actually meant something to me.  I felt like a sellout every time I wrote about the Kardashians or Chris Brown.

So I decided to write about what I wanted to at any given moment. I changed my content.   I started my first book,  I only write when I feel the passion and I made the decision to just do me.

My one blogging inspiration went through the same struggle and is now stepping out on faith and completely moving on from the very site that essentially made her famous.  When I had nothing,  when I felt lost,  when I hated every job, when I felt empty,  I read Necole Bitchie’s story.  She started from nothing,  had no safety net,  nowhere to sleep,  just her computer!

So happy that I’m not the only one who is willing to walk away from what sells to dive into what matters.  I can only pray that one day I’m as successful as she is, but if not…I’m ok with that because I enjoy indulging in my passion of writing.

Rihanna’s BBHMM Video Premiers on Vevo

Source: Google Images/W Magazine
Source: Google Images/W Magazine


Music Streaming Provider, Tidal, Takes Another Blow

A quick history lesson.  Earlier this year, Jay Z acquired Aspiro, which is the company that developed Tidal.  Tidal is a one-of-a-kind music streaming service that offers HiFi (High Fidelity) sound quality to users.   Tidal, unlike other streaming services, pays artists and song writers high royalties for providing their music to subscribers.  16 artists, including Jay Z himself, are co-owners and stakeholders of Tidal.  The list consists of artists such as Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, Daft Punk, Kanye West and J. Cole, to name a few.

So, what’s the catch?  This service is not free or cheap.  Subscribers can expect to pay $9.99 a month for standard service or $19.99 a month for HiFi service.  



Tidal has about 580,000 subscribers, but has taken multiple blows since its relaunch this year and the company has lost momentum, announcing the resignation of its interim CEO.  The mobile app may not be doing well either, with folks still using free services such as Pandora and Spotify.

The question still remains, who would pay for a streaming service when there are really good options that are free? One thing that Tidal does offer is the ability to choose which song you want to play, as opposed to other services that choose songs at random, based on your station preferences.  However,  the cost just doesn’t seem worth it during a time where every penny counts.

It will be interesting to see how successful Tidal is in the coming years.

Golden State Warriors 2015 NBA Champions

Congrats to the team that remained classy from the very beginning.  The Warriors fought hard and played together and deserve this victory!

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