Chris Brown Apologizes to Fans After Judge Denies Request to Tour


Chris Brown is known as the new R&B/Pop bad boy of our time.  He’s been in the news for issues surrounding his temper and is currently serving his 1000 hours of community service,  of which he still has 100 hours outstanding, for his abuse towards Rihanna and his recent fight with a fan in DC.

In order for Chris Brown to travel,  he must gain the judge’s approval and consent.   He was slated to go on the road for his Between the Sheets Tour which features Trey Songz and rapper Tyga.  However,  the judge denied Brown’s request and he will not be able to tour until he completes the remaining community service hours.

Chris released the following apology to his fans via Instagram last night:


When all is said and done, this is unfortunate,  but he’s lucky that community service is all he has to serve given the severity of his convictions.

*Image Sources: Instagram

Sunday Mind Frame: Relaxation


Whether you had a rough week, a busy week, draining past few days,  etc., take a moment to be still.  I’ve had a pretty rough few years, let alone weeks or days, and I find some comfort in knowing that at any moment I can be still and take some deep breathes.

I have never handled stress too well, therefore need to take moments and force myself to be silent and relaxed.  I’ve recently looked to others for inspiration and have began a daily yoga regimen.   At some point of each day, I find time to be in total peace and quiet.

What’s your relaxtion method?

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Thursday’s Thirst Trap Goes To…


This photo isn’t new, but I loves, loves it! She’s also, in my heart, the cutest Kardashian!  Get ‘em Khloe! 

*Image Source: Instagram, Cosmo UK

Are the New England Patriots Cheating…Again?


Being an Eagles fan, I have much anger towards the New England Patriots and their cheating ways.  As many know, they’ve been under fire since being suspected of spying on other NFL teams, which essentially allowed them to know and anticipate their opponent’s play calling.

In their recent 45-7 win against the Indianapolis Colts, more fuel is being added to an already burning fire.  There is an ingoing investigation against the Patriots in which 11 of 12 footballs were not inflated to the league standard during their AFC Championship victory.  Having under inflated footballs, allows for better gripping and alters its path in-air. 

It should be interesting to see this story unfold.  Is it fair for them to advance at this point?

MLK Thought of the Day


Winter Weather Hair Repair: Shea Moisture Review

I don’t do too many product reviews, but this one seems very necessary.  This winter has been really harsh on my hair. My hair feels dry, it doesn’t curl and I notice that even when I straighten my hair, there’s no hydration even if I go days without washing it. My hair is naturally curly, but in the winter time I straighten it more (bump with a curling iron) so I can go longer without washing it.

So, I’ve been trying different products and this one has really helped me! I bought two Shea Moisture products: a conditioner and a leave-in conditioner.

The Shea Moisture Intensive Hydration Hair Masque conditioner is amazing! I left it in for about 30 minutes while I showered and had my hair covered with a shower cap to trap some of the heat. I purchased this at Target for under $15 and it was well worth it. Here’s what the container looks like:


The second product I used after washing was the Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie.  It smells so good and is good to use for continuous hydration and shine.  I used it for both curly hair and straight hair styles.  While my hair was still wet, I used it sparingly throughout then finger blew dry my hair (meaning I used my fingers instead of my brush while using a blow dryer).   Again, I purchased this product at Target for about $10.


Here’s how my hair looked after using both products:


Nice, full, healthy big barrel curls and waves.  If my hair begins to lose moisture,  I simply apply some olive oil, but that’s rare that I need to. I’m also sure to use a ceramic curling iron.  Hope this helps!  Feel free to share your winter tricks for hydrated hair.

Happy Birthday Aaliyah


5 Injured During Shooting at Chris Brown Performance




In the early hours of Sunday, shots rang out during Chris Brown’s “Loyal” performance at a San Jose, CA nightclub.   Video footage of the shooting shows Brown stating, “them ni**as gettin’ it in” and seconds later, mayhem ensued.

The victims were rushed to a hospital and are expected to survive.  Suspects were detained, however no official charges have been filed yet.  Video can be seen below:


Rapper, Ludacris Proposes and Gets Married in One Day


The traditional regimen of getting engaged and planning a wedding one to two years later, was the total opposite of what Ludacris had in mind.  He and Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, his long time girlfriend of 6 years, showed us that it can be done differently.



The rapper surprised Eudoxie with his proposal, while on a private jet and also gifted her with a white dress that would serve as her wedding gown that same day.  After tying the knot, close friends and family (including singers Monica and LeToya Luckett) met them and jetted off to Cost Rica for a group honeymoon.


What a way to solidify love! Kudos to Ludacris for thinking outside of the box and showing Eudoxie that she is your queen.  CONGRATS and MANY BLESSINGS!



*All photos are credited to Instagram and Prime Phocus photography

Life’s Intermission…

It’s been some weeks, but I’m still here.  I pray everyone had an amazing holiday and is starting off 2015 in good spirits.  I took the last few weeks to just be still.  I wanted to enjoy my family and friends.  

2014 was unforgiving in many ways, but so many blessings surfaced in the last couple of months.  I needed to reset and regroup and that meant disconnecting myself for some time. 

At some point, we all need to get back to the basics and realign our thoughts, goals and game plan.  A part of my journey and process has been to get back to the Lord.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea,  but getting closer to perfection and good ideals, morals, lifestyle,  etc. is where my focus has been.

May 2015 be our year for greatness.   Let’s get out there and make things happen.  Oh, and I’m back so get ready for what’s coming on 


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