Are You Falling For The “Formation” Hype?


Per usual, Beyoncé has taken the world by storm with a surprise.  This time, Queen Bey released a new music video titled, FormationContinue reading “Are You Falling For The “Formation” Hype?”

MLK Day: The Reminder Of A Dream Still Unfulfilled

Source: Google Images

As another MLK day is upon us, it’s worth setting time aside to reflect on our role in this world.
Continue reading “MLK Day: The Reminder Of A Dream Still Unfulfilled”

How Are You Entering 2016?


As the year comes to a close, there’s much to be thankful for.  We’re able to begin a new year, with new opportunities and a fresh start.  Continue reading “How Are You Entering 2016?”

Merry Christmas! From, DaniTheDreamGirl!

Whether you celebrate today or not, may it be a day filled with love and happiness. Continue reading “Merry Christmas! From, DaniTheDreamGirl!”

Baby News: Congrats To Taylor & Shumpert!

Congratulations are in order Continue reading “Baby News: Congrats To Taylor & Shumpert!”

MAC Attack: No…Blush You!

As my Mac Attack series starts to wind down, there are a few things I still want to Continue reading “MAC Attack: No…Blush You!”

Baby Bump Pics Are The Best!

Source: Instagram, Teyana Taylor

This has to be one of the classiest baby bump photos that I’ve seen. Continue reading “Baby Bump Pics Are The Best!”

Are Women More Forgiving Than Men?


As a 30-something year old woman it’s hard to not think back on relationships where I endured so much because of my forgiving nature. Continue reading “Are Women More Forgiving Than Men?”

Is Social Media Changing You?

I recently read a story about Essena O’Neill, the famed social medial model who recently deleted her Instagram and explained the truth about her obsession with “likes” and “perfect pictures”.   Continue reading “Is Social Media Changing You?”

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