Keke Palmer Makes History As Youngest Talk Show Host!

John Varvatos Celebrates 10 Years In West Hollywood With A Private Performance By Paul Weller


Earlier this week it was announced that young actress, Keke Palmer, is entering into a new niche within the entertainment industry.  Come July, Keke will be the youngest talk show host!  BET will be launching The Keke Palmer Project, which is going to be geared towards young adults, addressing real issues.  The inspiration for having her own talk show stems from the encouragement of her fans after Keke began posting inspirational quotes on her Twitter page.


She explains:

I come from a very small, poor town just outside of the Chicago area and I know what it’s like to dream and accomplish some of your goals, but I would never want to do a show where I am preaching to anyone because I do not like being preached at…


I love sharing news like this, as it can really inspire others to dream big.  I especially like to highlight when black women are doing big things because not enough praise is given in the media.  Congrats, Keke and continue to be a positive role model for not only young people, but also for men and women of all ages!

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Jay-Z and Beyoncé May Be Checking “Stadium Tour” Off the Bucket List!

Source: Yosra El-Essawy/Chime for Change/Getty Images; Stadium: Hoberman Collection/UID/Getty Images

Source: Yosra El-Essawy/Chime for Change/Getty Images; Stadium: Hoberman Collection/UID/Getty Images


What more can this power couple do to expand their brand and increase their net worth?  That’s right!  Do a 20 city stadium tour that could possibly be record breaking.  I had the pleasure of attending Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s Legends of the Summer stadium tour in Philly.  It was AMAZING!  Well, fans may get the chance to experience great music and excitement once again if the rumors are true about Jay and Bey coming together for something epic.  Live Nation hasn’t confirmed any of the buzz yet, but there could be some truth to the rumor and if it goes down, I’ll be there!  More updates will be coming soon!

What if Your Dreams Could Be Fulfilled After You Died?

Source: Yahoo

Source: Yahoo


I came across a story today that really touched my heart because it reminded me just how insane this world can be.  One moment you could be alive and kicking, the next you could be dead and only a memory to those you leave behind.  The story I read was about 21-year old Kristina Chesterman, a nursing student at Chico State University.  She was hit by a drunk driver while riding her bike home and she sadly died a few days later.  Kristina’s organs were donated and she was able to save a very special life.  Her heart went to 64-year old retired nurse, Susan Vieira.


After six months of not knowing where her heart came from, she read a news article where Kristina’s mother openly said she wanted to meet the person who received her daughter’s heart.  The interesting part?  Kristina’s mom had found a bucket list that her daughter was keeping.  She gave the bucket list to Susan and oddly enough, many of the things had already been accomplished.  Susan says, “She read my Kristina’s bucket list…It was as if I was getting a CV of my life.  There were so many points that I had already on that bucket list.  It was uncanny.”


Susan has decided to mark off the rest of Kristina’s bucket list and says, “I’d like to think all the things I continue to accomplish in my life, I’m taking Kristina with me…Together we will finish her bucket list.”


Another touching gift that she is able to give back is to hug Kristina’s mother so that she can again feel her daughter’s heart beat.  If only we could all have someone to fulfill our dreams once we are long gone.  What a touching story!


***Quotes were gathered from Yahoo!

Beyoncé Speaks on Owning Her Sexuality in “Out”!


There is no beating around the bush when discussing Beyoncé’s highly sexual lyrics and videos (i.e., Partition) and she has no problem explaining why she doesn’t care what the critics say.  If we thought that she was on a feminist trip, we were right!

Beyoncé tells Out, “There is a double standard when it comes to sexuality that still persists.  Men are free and women are not.”


Many find it hard to accept this newfound female power since much of her career started with open expressions of faith, religion and her love for the Lord.  Is she crossing a boundary or is she simply showing the world that you can be who you want to be?

Beyoncé goes on to explain, “There is unbelievable power in ownership and women should own their sexuality.”

She also explains her support for the LGBT community:

I’m very happy if my words can ever inspire or empower someone who considers themselves an oppressed minority.


People may not like her new platform, but she’s showing everyone that anyone can have a voice and a chance to make a difference.  Her plan seems to be working because her latest album has certainly created the type of buzz she needs to get her message of equality and sexual power out to a nation.

The latest issue of Out will be on stands within the next month.

The Power of Letting Go


I don’t think this post should be taken as a sad declaration of moving on from people and things in life.  The intention behind it is to simply state the obvious…letting go is hard, but sometimes necessary.  Having goals and even setting them requires a clear head and a sense of focus that cannot be attained as long as there is clutter all around you.  Recently, I’ve noticed that letting go (although tough) is more manageable for me and not just because I’m getting older or more mature, but because I put myself as a priority.  I used to be the type of person to give chance after chance, especially when I should have just walked away, but not anymore.  However, I still am the type of person that holds onto “things” because I have formed some version of an emotional attachment to them.  When I moved out of my last apartment I decided that I wanted to begin a new tradition of leaving behind anything that I didn’t need  and the same can go for some people in my life.  I am learning that in order for me to be the best DANIELLA, I need to place myself first among the list of people that I care about.


During this transition phase of my life, I have changed the way I date, I’ve adjusted the leisure activities I partake in, I allow people who treat me badly to choose which door they want to walk out of and I don’t give second chances.  What I do for me may not work for the next person, but I have made the decision to become immersed in my tunnel vision.  At the end of the tunnel, all I see is my success.  The people, places and things that I come in contact with are mere obstacles, manifestations of my own thoughts, the energy I put out and the fate that God has in store for me.  Those are the things that I either can’t control, blessings or the things that I have brought on myself from negative thoughts/actions.  If I can get through that tunnel of LIFE and only take with me what I need, then I can have all the success that I work so hard for.


Someone taught me a huge lesson this past week.  My happiness is MY choice and since it is my choice, I have to create my own bubble where no one can touch my tunnel that leads to MY success.  Life isn’t as difficult as some make it; it’s actually just the movie version of the script you’ve written for yourself.  To all of my readers, it’s time to let some shit go…pick one thing or person that isn’t contributing to your success and LET…IT..GO!

Birthday Wishes!





Here we are again…another year of life celebrated!  It seems like I was just in Miami with my family, bringing in the big 3-0!  Now, I’m the big 3-1 and wondering where the time went.  So many changes came about over the past year, both good and bad, and I must say that it feels good to see how strong of a woman I am becoming.  As life shifts into a new phase, I am embracing it.  I welcome new experiences and adventures.  Thank you to everyone who has shown me love on my special day…here’s to another year of growth, lessons and love.

[Images] Kim and Kanye Grace the Cover of Vogue!

kim and kanye

Say what you want, but this is one gorgeous couple!  I don’t care to dish on any of their drama; I just love to see interracial unions.  It’s especially exciting to see a prestigious publication such as Vogue, embrace the beauty as well.  Check out a few photos from the April issue of Vogue, which features Kim Kardashian and Kanye West!









[Video] Chris Brown ft. Lil’ Wayne and Tyga, “Loyal”

Chris Brown


Would You Alter Your Dream For Love?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in regards to where I want to be in the next few years. Along the way it has become painfully obvious that no matter how much we plan, God has the ultimate say-so.  So, with that in mind, I can have hopes and dreams and pray that I am moving in the right direction, but I have to be prepared for things to just not go as I may want them to.

If I reflect on the past few years, there are many things that I’ve wanted to accomplish, but for some reason I meet someone special, things get put on hold, and before I realize it, years have passed and I’m left regretting not doing more for myself.  Of course life lessons came out of each experience, so I can’t be too mad at myself, but I do often wish I’d been just a tad selfish.

If I had to answer my own question, I’d say, “no, I would not alter my dream for love” because I’ve altered, paused, forgot, abused and neglected my dreams for love before.  Anyone who truly loves me will join me for the ride and support me along the way.

Can You Afford Your Dream?



I say it all the time, but I am no expert.  I simply speak my mind and follow my heart and gut.  No matter how big my dreams have gotten, there’s a very striking sense of reality that sets in every now and then.  I could sit here everyday and write and work so hard that I feel fulfilled, but how does that pay my bills?  MY reality is, I need to work.  I need to survive.  I need to eat.  I can’t do any of that without actually working.  I’ve shed the normal 9-5 and don’t have to sit in an office every day, which is one goal that I’ve been able to achieve.  But achieving goals is simply a domino effect; once you reach one, it’s on to the next one and so forth.  For example, here is my goal list:

-Move out of Philadelphia

-Get my security clearance and a government job

-Get a lavish apartment

-Start writing in some capacity

-Get my blog site to generate revenue

-Get out of my 9-5 life and have free days

-Get my bartending license

-Start bartending

-Move out of DC

-Write for a large publication

As you can see, I named GOALS and not my dream(s).  My big dream is to become such a successful writer that it is my job!  Until then, I still have bills to pay and I still need to have a strong sense of reality that keeps me grounded.  I always have a goal that allows me to earn money because at this point, I don’t have the luxury of not working.  So, I ask all of you…can you afford your dream?


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