Philly’s Own, Charli Baltimore, Chats with the Dreamworld!

It’s always nice to share the journey of others, whether they be famous or not, but it is always rewarding to highlight individuals within the industry.  Hearing how they made it and what their experiences have been like, let’s us all know that anything is possible if you just follow your heart and your path.  YOU can be successful in any talent you choose to pursue; the drive just needs to be steadfast.  I recently had the pleasure of exploring the female, Hip-Hop world (for all you aspiring female rappers out there)!  Well known rapper, Charli Baltimore, blessed me with a few moments of her time to catch the Dreamworld up on life and offers some advice to female artists on the come-up.

Born Tiffany Lane, to a German father and Black mother, she adopted the name “Charli Baltimore” from Geena Davis’ character in the film, The Long Kiss Goodnight.  She’s seen her fair share of ups and downs, in and out of the industry, but remains grounded and driven; determined to be a strong support system for her family.  A Philly native and a mother of two daughters, India and Sianni (to the right), Charli is taking a step back into the limelight and on her own terms.  Since meeting The Notorious B.I.G. in 1995 and given her first shot at fame, she has continued to write her own rhymes (something she prides herself on) and has always sprinkled her unique flare among other female rappers.

Dealing with personal losses and an abusive relationship, she managed to graduate from Pierce College as a certified paralegal.  She’s also earned a Grammy nomination, been featured with Junior M.A.F.I.A. and released a debut album (Cold As Ice).  After a five year hiatus, she signed to Murder Inc. but separated with them in 2006 due to album delays and creative differences.  She’s since released an EP on iTunes and in March 2012, released the mixtape titled Mickey and Mallory Knox: Natural Born Khronicles.  With a new album on the horizon, True Lies, Baltimore is determined to continue doing what she loves, while making sure that she doesn’t settle.

Take a look at what she has to say to the Dreamworld:

What do you think the female hip-hop game is missing?

I don’t necessarily think it’s missing anything but more females…I think that their is a diverse mix right now but we could always use more females.

What motivates you to continue to follow your passion for music?

It’s not so much a motivation at this point…I’m good at writing…it makes me happy…

Who do you think is the best female rapper?

Best female rapper? Well to not hold one’s self in the highest regards would be awkward.

What advice can you offer other females trying to make it in this industry?

Stay away from it…lol.’s a hard business so you have to develop a tough skin and be able to take the good with the bad.

What do you think is your God-given purpose in life, outside of rapping?

My God given purpose is to make sure my Children are good….first and foremost. Everything else is secondary.

If you could have a conversation with the younger you, what advice would you give?

Learn to relax…have more patience..actually that applies to myself now as well.

Are you involved in any other business ventures outside of music?

I am actually, but I kinda gotta keep it under raps for the time being.

How can fans show their support?

Well, for now they can support my two films, my single All Lies, my album (when it’s released)…and [follow] @charlibaltmore on Twitter….

What’s one funny/quirky thing about you that fans may not know?

One quirky thing..I’ll give u 3. I have OCD when it comes to cleaning. It destresses me…Walls, floors, whatever. I turn into I’m a bit of a nerd  and I was a huge wrestling fan forever. I used to attend all the matches and everything!

She has a great sense of humor and a much appreciated dose of sarcasm.  I was so excited to have her as a guest on  Thanks for your time and best wishes on your new album…WE are patiently awaiting the drop!

Check out Charli Baltimore’s new track, All Lies featuring Maino:

New Dreamer Alert!!!

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Scooter Smiff…He’s on His Rise to the Top!

If there’s one thing I harbor a slight regret for, it’s waiting so long to follow my dreams.  One piece of advice I would offer is to start young and dream big.  With this in mind, it’s no coincidence that I wanted to snag a moment of Scooter Smiff’s time…such a young talent with a world of promise.  Born Jermaine Smith, in Baltimore, MD, Scooter Smiff brings a lot to the table.  He can dance, rap and act and his talents have been noticed by some big name industry moguls.  At the age of 5 he wowed the crowd with his performance on Showtime at the Apollo, showcasing his dancing and rapping abilities to the world.  Continuing on his success train, he played the role of “Daniel” on Season 3 of the hit show, Lost and joined Tom Arnold in the film, Gardens of the Night.

One of his biggest opportunities came when, super star, Chris Brown brought Scooter Smiff along to perform on the Grammy’s with him.  He was signed to Brown’s independent label, CBE Records, having the opportunity to work along side one of the people he looked up to.  Scooter Smiff landed it big time when he toured with Chris Brown during his “Up Close and Personal Tour” and was featured in videos such as Wall to Wall and Kiss Kiss. Now 16 and no longer signed to CBE Records, he has released a solo mixtape, First Period, with collaborations such as Mario and Wale.  How does he process his success? Is he still able to enjoy being a teenager?  What was it like working with Chris Brown?  Scooter Smiff answers all of the above and more; take a look at what he has to say about his success thus far!

1. You’re an amazing dancer, rapper, actor; if you had to choose, which would be your ultimate career choice?

I always say that I’m a dancer first and foremost. Thats how I started and thats what I really love to do but I think my ultimate career choice would be acting. I’ve acted  in the past and its something that I would love to get better at.

2. You performed with Chris Brown at the Grammy’s, how were you able to digest such a monumental moment in your career?

I was so young but it was still crazy. We did the Grammy’s, Oprah, The Today Show, & Good Morning America, which was my favorite. I am really grateful for that time I had with Chris because I saw so much.

3. How is your business relationship with CB, present day?

It’s good, Chris is like my big bro. I’m so happy to see everything going great for him now because he’s a big inspiration for me.

4. What was your motivation/inspiration for “First Period”?

My determination to get back into the game and show everybody what I was capable of. That kept me focused and inspired to get in the studio and work.

5. If you had to pick your favorite track from the mixtape, which one would it be?

That’s a hard one. If I had to chose though I would say it would be a tie between “Could Be” & “Stop It”.

“Could Be” Ft Mario

“Stop It” Ft. Lil Twist

6. How do you balance the success of your career and still being able to enjoy your teenage years?

My team makes sure I still get to be a teen and do regular teenage things while working and on the road. I keep a really good balance between the two.

7. How is your “sound” different from other rappers, i.e. what makes you unique?

I think my voice and flow are very unique. Also I don’t curse or talk about anything out of my age range in my raps.

8. What advice can you offer other young artists on their journey to the top?

I would say just to stay focused and get yourself out there. If I would have never done that talent contest at the Apollo I wouldn’t be where I am now.

9. What’s one fun/quirky thing about you that your fans may not know already?

Haha I love to eat cookie dough.  Before I get into the studio to record or write I gotta have Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

He’s down to earth with so much more to accomplish and he’s already experienced more than most artists in the beginning stages of their careers.  If there’s one thing Scooter Smiff has shown the Dreamworld, it’s that you can dream as big as you want to…the sky is the limit.  Let his story be the reason why you put goals into action!