The Power of Letting Go


I don’t think this post should be taken as a sad declaration of moving on from people and things in life.  The intention behind it is to simply state the obvious…letting go is hard, but sometimes necessary.  Having goals and even setting them requires a clear head and a sense of focus that cannot be attained as long as there is clutter all around you.  Recently, I’ve noticed that letting go (although tough) is more manageable for me and not just because I’m getting older or more mature, but because I put myself as a priority.  I used to be the type of person to give chance after chance, especially when I should have just walked away, but not anymore.  However, I still am the type of person that holds onto “things” because I have formed some version of an emotional attachment to them.  When I moved out of my last apartment I decided that I wanted to begin a new tradition of leaving behind anything that I didn’t need  and the same can go for some people in my life.  I am learning that in order for me to be the best DANIELLA, I need to place myself first among the list of people that I care about.


During this transition phase of my life, I have changed the way I date, I’ve adjusted the leisure activities I partake in, I allow people who treat me badly to choose which door they want to walk out of and I don’t give second chances.  What I do for me may not work for the next person, but I have made the decision to become immersed in my tunnel vision.  At the end of the tunnel, all I see is my success.  The people, places and things that I come in contact with are mere obstacles, manifestations of my own thoughts, the energy I put out and the fate that God has in store for me.  Those are the things that I either can’t control, blessings or the things that I have brought on myself from negative thoughts/actions.  If I can get through that tunnel of LIFE and only take with me what I need, then I can have all the success that I work so hard for.


Someone taught me a huge lesson this past week.  My happiness is MY choice and since it is my choice, I have to create my own bubble where no one can touch my tunnel that leads to MY success.  Life isn’t as difficult as some make it; it’s actually just the movie version of the script you’ve written for yourself.  To all of my readers, it’s time to let some shit go…pick one thing or person that isn’t contributing to your success and LET…IT..GO!

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