Out With The Old…In With The Old???

I thought the saying was, “Out with the old, in with the new” right?  At least that’s how I think it’s supposed to work, but no…of course it just couldn’t be that simple for me as it is for most people.  I sometimes feel like I’m funneling the old with the older.  Whether it’s through repetition of events or having people in my life that simply don’t offer progression, but are stifling instead.

In order to avoid falling into the same old traps of love, career choices, money habits, etc. I have decided to focus my energy on my surroundings.  My journey is all about trying new things, getting through the “storms” in my life and creating my own success with maintained faith; why not shift my tunnel vision a bit and learn something “new”?  In refocusing my thoughts and talents, I am building a greater appreciation for the successful people in my life who are also on their own path of “becoming” better individuals.  I know tons of men and women who are grinding EVERYDAY for what they believe in.  How did they get there? Where did they start? What things have they done to keep a high level of motivation? What motivates them to wake up every day and be the best they can be?

These are all questions that so many of us need the answers to!  In order to welcome a good change or a different perspective, I’ve found that it’s often a wise choice to look at those around us and learn from them.  Afterall, I’m the Queen of “Everyone is in your life for a reason!” and it’s time to dig into the brains of the fabulous people I call my family, friends and strangers who I’m meeting in the cyber world (no creeps, I promise).  I will be highlighting the lives and careers of individuals from all walks of life who can offer wisdom to not only me, but to my readers as well!

THOUGHT: If you think this world only consists of personal wisdom and one path to choose from, you are selling yourself very short! Allow other people to be your muse, your mentor, your “light” source.


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