If I’m destined to be great, how will I know when I’ve finally reached the point of greatness?  If my purpose is to help others, how will I know when I’ve reached enough people?  I’ve come to the conclusion that I won’t ever truly know the answers to these questions.  I think it’s just something I will learn to recognize.  I recently had to give myself a gut check and remember what my main goal is: To provide others with the same guidance I have received and continue to receive on a regular basis.

It’s so easy to read a blog about celebrities or get caught up in the reality TV hoopla (trust me, I have a few guilty pleasures that I watch) or to be obsessed with our favorite stars.  But what valuable information does that provide?  What life lessons can we get out of knowing that Kim Kardashian’s marriage only lasted 72 days?  Just like the next person, it’s all entertaining to some degree, but when we fail to have the ability to separate reality from fantasy, that’s when the trouble comes. 

I dare to be different and want to be known for something much more than a social scandal or 15 minutes of fame on VH1.  When people think of me, I want them to see someone who has overcome, hustled and learned from their mistakes.  When I needed words of wisdom or a listening ear, I had people to turn to.  When I had questions about growing pains, I had people to turn to.  I just want to be able to offer the same assistance and support for others…even if it is just one person that I’m reaching.

THOUGHT: This may seem all over the place, but to bring it all together I will leave you with this…I look at the mistakes and wrong turns that others have made and I do the opposite.  I see those that have become successful and I strive to be better than them.  I don’t have to be in the spotlight to be considered a star…I’m a star in my own right!


  1. Its nice to know that there are some people out there that know the difference between the real world and entertainment! Some people really think that these reality tv shows are how you should act…smdh. On another note, learning from other peoples mistakes is a great way to avoid some of the curve balls that life can bring!

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